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Why We Love September (and You Should Too!)


Everyone loves December, because of the holiday spirit and November because of the turkey.  Candy and treats greet us in October, but what about September?  We want to celebrate September by sharing a few of things we love about it with you and fill you in on some of the lesser-known holidays that you should be enjoying.

Ah, nice and cool

September is the end of summer and the beginning of fall, ushering in refreshingly lower temperatures and beautiful scenery change. The beginning of fall is the best time to go on long intimate walks with a loved one or contemplative strolls on your own (before winter takes over and doesn’t let up until next summer). Relaxing as you vape on your porch will never feel quite as comfortable any other time of the year as you read a book and sip on some coffee, wrapped in your favorite quilt.

Happy self-improvement month!

It is fitting to acknowledge vaping during self-improvement month! Congratulate yourself on taking a step in the right direction and spread the word. You can go out or entertain, confident that you and your belongings don’t reek of cigarette smoke, but smell of your favorite e-liquid instead!

Also, many users have commented that due to the variety of sweet dessert flavors, they find themselves vaping instead of gorging when their sweet tooth has a hankering. Who said you couldn’t have the best of both worlds?

Chocolate milkshake day

We know you don’t need an excuse to try anything chocolate, but September 12th has been designated to celebrate chocolate milkshakes! Take it a step further and try some premium chocolate flavors of vaping liquid, such as: Highbrow chocolate cake, standard delicious chocolate, and dark chocolate mint.

Kids are back in school

No doubt we’ll miss them, but isn’t it nice to be back to routine and a little bit of peace and quiet? Take a minute for yourself and enjoy a peaceful moment of vaping before school lets out and you get picked up by the tornado that is life.

Enjoy the outdoors

We like to go hiking and frequent some of the beautiful parks in our area, and it’s great to be able to do that while enjoying some of our favorite flavors without worrying about offending anyone or getting nasty looks.

Family Time

It is quite nice to finally have some time alone at home with your family after all of the summer activities. Boating, swimming, baseball, and all the weddings and birthday parties have worn you out. Now it is time to relax with some movie nights and board game nights at home with the family.

It’s also nice to treat yourself and your family to a nice dinner or night out bowling. Even better, now that you’re vaping instead of smoking, you can enjoy yourself without having to step out every 45 minutes, making the most out of your family time. Now, that's a great reason to love September, and you should too!


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