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Seven Things About Vaping Your Boss Wants to Know

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There is a lot of talk about e-cigs these days and with good reason. E-cigarettes offer a smokeless way to enjoy the taste of cigarettes with bothering others around you, or putting out harmful smoke which can put others at risk. This makes them more desirable in general than traditional cigarettes and cigars and many have chosen this option in  order to enjoy  nicotine without the issues involved with regular cigarette use. 



Many employers welcome this alternative, as it allows their employees to have a smoke break without worries about second-hand smoke among  other workers.  If your boss is considering allowing e-cigarettes in the workplace but isn't sure what to do, here are 7 facts about vaping they might want to know:

  1. Smokeless e-cigarettes are less intrusive. Unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigs are not tobacco products. They contain no tobacco, so they do not require having to be smoked to use them. Users simply inhale the liquid nicotine housed inside a cartridge and exhale the vapor from them. It gives them the feeling of smoking and the nicotine they want without the problems involved with  normal cigarettes in the workplace.
  2. It lowers the risk to others.  Since they are not a tobacco product, you don't have to worry about putting employees at risk or about second-hand smoke to others. This is a growing concern in the workplace for employers who have smokers and non-smoking employees. In the past it has become necessary to ask smokers to smoke outside. But e-cigs offer an alternative so that they can "smoke" in the building without these concerns.
  3. E-cigs are actually not cigarettes. They are vaporizers. The vapor process that occurs with this smokeless alternative eliminates the need for workers to smoke cigarettes from normal methods and still enables you to have a "smoke-free workplace."
  4. There is no output of carbon monixide. One of the dangers of regular cigarette-smoking is the output of carbon monoxide to others and the environment. With smokeless e-cigs, this doesn't happen. There is no smoke, so there is no carbon monoxide output.
  5. They are odorless. Again, since e-cigs lack the smoke and output of chemicals into the air that cigarettes have, there is no odor to leave behind, leaving the air as fresh as before they inhaled an e-cig.
  6. They leave no mess behind or ashes. There is no clean-up necessary when employees smoke an e-cig. It is simply an individual experience and they leave no mess behind that normal tobacco products do. So there's  no need for ashtrays or cleaning up afterwards.
  7. They are not yet regulated by the federal government. The FDA has not yet made an official statement on the dangers of e-cigs, nor have they regulated them at this time. The use of e-cigs is still too new to make a valid assumption on their safety or benefits, but this is expected to happen in the near future.


E-cigs offer a valid alternative to traditional cigarettes in the workplace, and allow the smoker to have a truly individual nicotine experience without putting out harmful chemicals or annoying second-hand smoke to others. It keeps the workplace clean and doesn't violate the rights of others. And while the jury is still out regarding their overall safety, right now it is a great alternative for the workplace for employees who smoke.

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