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Our Newest Raspberry Flavor

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When you think of summertime, what comes to mind? Warm weather, longer days, pies cooking, and your favorite fruits such as watermelon, peaches, and raspberries, ripe and for the picking. As we introduce our latest fruit vapor flavor, Raspberry, we invite you to read this article and learn about its origins, the various types, healthy facts, and various ways to enjoy this fruit.

Does this mean you’re going to get the health benefits from smoking a natural flavor raspberry e-cig? Absolutely not! However, there are a few interesting facts to know about the Raspberry.

The Origins of Raspberries

Believe it or not, raspberries did not originate in the United States. From what is known, scientists have traced raspberry roots back a bit over 2000 years in Europe. They figured it migrated as one of the traded natural fruits to the US from the eastern world.

As of today, raspberries are grown worldwide with approximately 598,000 metric tons produced each year. 101,000 metric tons are produced here in the United States. There are over 200 species of raspberries, of which red raspberries, black raspberries, and purple raspberries are the three major groups. Here in the US, raspberries are the third most popular berry, behind strawberries and blueberries.

Types of Raspberries

There are many other colors associated with this sweet and tangy fruit besides red, black, and purple.

  • The purple raspberry can be found in nature; however, it originally started as a crossbreed of the red and black raspberry. It’s not produced commercially though.
  • The yellow or golden raspberry actually is a genetic mutation of a red or black raspberry. It’s considered an albino raspberry as the pigments aren’t fully developed. It still tastes of the red or black raspberry though!
  • The blue raspberry is a hybrid of the purpose raspberry.

Selecting the Perfect Raspberry

So, what makes the perfect raspberry? Well, raspberries freeze and can well. However, that depends upon how they are picked and prepared. So you want to make sure to purchase them a day or two before you cook or package them. They should be fully ripe, plump, firm, and have a deep color.

You don’t want to pick any that are molded or soft. If they are in a container, check for moisture, as that would tell you if they are close to spoiling. Your best time to select raspberries is during the midsummer through early fall months.

Health Benefits of the Raspberry

Raspberries are packed with plenty of rich vitamins and minerals.

  • Vitamin C
  • Folate
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Dietary Fiber

Ways to Enjoy Raspberries

This amazing fruit has many ways you can enjoy it. Raspberries can be frozen, pureed, juiced, eaten fresh, or as dried fruit. A few great ways to enjoy raspberries in your favorite foods include:

  • Add it to yogurt
  • Add to your muffin or cupcake mix
  • Make granola bars
  • Turn it into a sauce to top of cheesecake
  • Add to your favorite cold or hot cereals
  • Top off your pancakes or waffles
  • Top off a parfait
  • Pour chocolate sauce all over them

So, now you know a bit more about the tiny fruit, raspberries. Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor of our new Raspberry flavored vapor and customize it to your specific tastes. 

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