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What Are Our Customization Options

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For decades, smoking has been an effortless sort of awesome, a coolness that transcends time and trends. Besides the notable health risks, however, one of the most frustrating aspects of smoking cigarettes is the lack of customizable features. Even though some brands boast subtle differences, most cigarettes taste the same. For cultured smokers, this uniformity is a downside, leading to an unpleasant experience for those craving personalization.

As a vaper, you know that e-cigarettes go above and beyond what a traditional cigarette can offer. At Highbrow, we want to take your experience one step further with customizations you can tailor to your preferences. Whether you're feeling fruity or bold, it's our mission to intensify your experience.

Throat Hit

Conventional smokers are very familiar with a great throat hit, or the sensation that occurs on the first drag of a smoke. This sensation isn't limited to traditional cigarettes, however; e-cigarettes can offer great throat hits to mimic and amplify the experience for those craving a deep, creative experience. Some vapers might be trying to reduce the throat hit in order to pull away from a normative smoking experience, but many crave the power of smoke, flavor, and intensity hitting the throat. No matter your preference, Highbrow can help you choose your perfect hit.

Double Flavoring

Bottom line: vaping tastes good. Many smokers switch to e-cigarettes to reduce the cost of smoking or to refine their experience, but most switch for the exemplary flavor that traditional cigarettes just can't match. Most people enjoy the taste of tobacco, but Highbrow likes to embrace the finer things in life. When standard flavor isn't enough to meet your vape cravings, we're pleased to offer you the ability to double flavor your liquids. Sometimes, less is more but with vaping, more can be more.

Flavor Percentage

Creativity is all about mixing and matching. There's no artistry to a standard cigarette but vaping is all about customization. Craving caramel apple? Our flavor masters can mix the perfect percentage of caramel to the ideal proportion of green apple. We believe in custom; no e-cigarette fan should have to settle for premade flavors when professional mixing is available. Choose your own flavor percentage and get the tastes you want to satisfy your cravings. We'll even help you sample to make sure your flavors tantalize your taste buds.


There's more the e-cigs than convenient liquids and great flavors. No two vaping blends are the same, which is why Highbrow offers you the choices between PG, or propylene glycol, and VG, or vegetable glycerin. Just like different flavors offer different advantages, so does the base of the liquid. PG is a thinner liquid that provides a deeper, more enjoyable throat hit that can offer a higher level of sensitivity. VG, on the other hand, is a thicker oil that provides a better puff and a sweeter taste, catering to new vapers and those who enjoy the sensation of exhaling. 

No matter your reasons for vaping, Highbrow is on a mission to make your experience unique. What's your favorite way to make your e-cigarette one of a kind?

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