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Favorite Flavors for August

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With August just days away, comes the last enjoyable half of summer before it all comes to a sad end. Right about now, you’re more than likely already noticing “back to school” supplies in your favorite shopping centers and a depletion of summer supplies like pool gear, grill gear, and lawn gear, etc.

As we get ready to wind down another great summer full of fantastic hot summer night memories to gear up for the eventual arrival of fall, now’s the time to enjoy those last hot summer nights of vaping while you can before cold crisp air moves in.

Yup, fall and winter will be here again before you know it. Although, by now you may be looking forward to that cold winter air that you couldn’t wait to be done with in March. In the winter we dread the cold and long for the summer heat, but by August we grow weary of the heat (many of us) and begin to long for cooler air.

It’s just human nature… Let’s draw the summer of 2014 to a close with some of the best summertime e-juice liquid flavors to enjoy in the month of August.

The Top 5 Sweet and Juicy E-Juice Flavors for August

Say goodbye to summer while enjoying our top 5 e-juice flavors for August:

# 1 - Limoncello

Let’s face it…summertime is really the main time of year that many of us enjoy the sweet taste of lemonade. There’s just something about a cold glass of lemonade on a warm summer day. And with August being the last “real” month of summer, it’s the perfect month to enjoy the refreshing and great taste of lemon in anything. With summer almost over, if you have yet to try our specialty lemon variation, limoncello, now’s the time to start enjoying this refreshing e-juice flavor.

# 2 – Peach Thymbra

The sweet peach thymbra e-juice flavor captures the very essence of the delicious and juicy sweet peach, one of the world’s favorite fruits. When vaping with the flavors of sweet peach e-juice, you’ll enjoy the same juicy taste of a sweet peach for an enjoyable tasty vaping experience. This is a flavor that’s wonderful to enjoy after any meal or anytime you want a sweet treat. Vaping with peach thymbra is like enjoying a fresh juicy peach on a warm summer day.

# 3 – Coffee – Bavarian Hazelnut Cream
Coffee – Bavarian Hazelnut Cream e-juice offers three tasty e-juice flavors to coffee lovers, Bavarian cream lovers and vaping lovers. This heavenly tasting e-juice features the same savory tastes of morning coffee with a blend of roasted hazelnut and a hint of sweet vanilla cream. Vaping with the Coffee – Bavarian Hazelnut Cream is like enjoying your favorite morning cup of premium coffee with all of your favorite flavors. This delectable e-juice flavor is perfect to enjoy on warm summer mornings.

# 4 – Amaretto Amore

With summer comes passionate summer romances and summer love, so summer would not be complete without the premium amaretto liqueur e-juice flavor of Amaretto Amore. One taste of this almond/apricot liquor flavored e-juice will leave you feeling relaxed, content, craving more and falling in love.


# 5 – Crème Brulee
Our top five list of e-juice flavors wouldn’t be complete without a tasty decadent treat.
Crème brulee, a popular French dessert offers vaping users the sweet savory tastes and flavors of warm creamy vanilla custard flavored crème brulee in the form of a vaping liquid. This tasty treat features a hint of caramelized sugar making it packed with sweet savory flavors you can enjoy anytime.

While these delicious, tasty and refreshing sweet e-juice flavors were specifically chosen for the hot summer month of August, they can be enjoyed anytime all year long.

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