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Vapor Lounges - The New Cultural Trend


Hanging out with the guys has just gotten easier. Before, you could hang out and enjoy your cigarettes in bars or at the restaurant. Then, government regulations cut these relaxing options.

However, it didn’t seem to bother you as much as you turned to an alternative – electric cigarette. Yes, this new fad took well to girlfriends and wives as you didn’t have the smell of tobacco clinging to your clothes or your breath. You can indulge in electric cigarettes everywhere - a surprise to restaurant and bar attendees who approach you to ask you to put your cigarette out, only to find it is not a traditional cigarette.

However, new government regulations have taken effect, eliminating e-cigarettes in public areas. So having those nights out with the fellas has dramatically decreased once again. Well, 2014 is a great new year as the growing trend of vaping lounges has come to Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and many other major cities in the US.

A Gentlemen’s Club for All

If you’ve ever experienced a gentleman’s club and cigar lounge, you should have an idea of what a vaping lounge is. Immersed in a comfortable indoor setting and a relaxed atmosphere, connoisseurs of e-cigs all gather, bound by the new "vaper" cultural trend – vaping.

Why the Sudden Popularity?

Since the government has stepped in and started the ban of smoking e-cigarettes in public places, those that enjoy vaping are limited to where they can partake in such activities. However, it’s legal for licensed cigar lounges or designated casino smoking areas to exist. So the development of vaping in these types of establishments has transferred to e-cigarette locations as well.

For those of you who no longer smoke regular cigarettes, you’ve found comfort enjoying the various desert, fruit, or Highbrowbacco flavors that e-cigs can provide. And, you can still enjoy puffing a cloud of smoke.

Vapor lounges are a community of electric cigarette smokers who can relax and relate to each other. Vaping is a unique subculture emerging now. There are people who gather for their love of music, art, or baseball. And now there are those that enjoy the relaxing puff of an e-cigarette after work.

What Can You Do in a Vapor Lounge?

Vapor lounges are like any other cigar lounge. Folks from all walks of life discover new flavors that emerge on the market. They enjoy each other’s company, watch the game, talk sports, or business news.

There are even events that take place at vapor lounges across the country such as open mic night or discovering local artists.

So now there is hope across America that the vaping culture will not fade away. The vapor lounges are yet another getaway after work or on the weekend to escape to. You don’t have to hide out at home and enjoy your Black Cherry Dulcet, Carmel, Espresso, or Highbrowbacco Cigar flavors alone. 


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