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Three Rules of Vaping For Airline Travel


Getting on an airplane without your e-cigarette can be a harrowing experience filled with security checks and  close inspection of your luggage. Going on vacation doesn't mean you have to leave your vaping supplies home either. The best way to travel by plane with an e-cigarette and e-juice is to follow these three rules of national and international flying

Rule # 1: Pack Only What You Need

When large quantities of the ejuice and vaping components (like batteries) are packed into your luggage or carry-on, you increase the likelihood of security taking notice and becoming suspicious.  This might result in it being confiscated or at least a confrontation with the security guard.  They'll want to know what the reason for all the liquid.  So, don't bring too any cartridges in your carry-on. Put the bulk in your luggage. 

Rule #2: Be Upfront About Your Vaping Supplies 

If you to get asked about your vaping supplies, don't lie or avoid answering. Tell them exactly what they are and how you use them. Most security officers know what they are and have seen them before. Dishonesty will only set them at odds with you and increase the likelihood that the materials will be confiscated.  Depending upon the security level of the airport, you may not be allowed to take your supplies on board or have to stow them in your luggage.   

Rule #3: Don't Smoke On-Board

If you reach the plane with your e-cigarette and e-juice still in your possession, don't let the urge to vape on the plane take control of your common sense. It's still against societal norms and/or the law to vape or smoke on a plane. It's possible the vapor could irritate the lung of a person on-board, particularly if they have severe allergies or COPD. The vapor, itself, does not contain any irritants, but high altitudes and close quarters could make it more likely for the vapor to create medical issues for others.   Additionally, vaping in the cramped, smelly quarters of a plane's lavatory is not a pleasant experience.  If you must vape on the plane, you will need a letter of permission from the airplane company to join the mile-high vaping club. 

Quick Tip: Don't want to leave anything to chance on the day of the trip? Contact the airports in your itinerary  and ask about their procedures for vaping supplies. Do exactly as they suggest for each leg of your trip. This way you aren't as likely to have a negative encounter to ruin your trip.

When you head to exotic locales or just home for the holidays, you don't have to leave your vaping supplies behind. To fly without hassles, just follow these three simple rules - you'll be able to step outside the airport and vape with your favorite e-cig when you land. 



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