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What your favorite e-juice flavor reveals about you

e cig juice

Your choices in e-juice flavors may tell the person next to you a little about who you are and the things you enjoy in life. Whether your favorite flavor is traditional, fruity or a decadent dessert, your personality likely shows with your choices.


Highbrowbacco - Cigar

You are a true classic inside and out. You probably favor waiting a bit over the need to run out and stand in an all-night line to get the latest, greatest high-tech gadget before everyone else does. You’re a family person and truly enjoy spending time with loved ones.

Vanilla Bourbon Bean

You likely surround yourself with very close friends. You enjoy being known as laid-back and having that tried-and-true personality that lets your friends and soul mate know who you are. You are accomplished but do not flaunt it.


You usually like to keep things on a light note and yet love to impress. You are sweet-as-can-be but with a twist. With your people-skills, you are sure to have many friends who enjoy just hanging out with you.

Dark Chocolate Mint

You have no deep, dark secrets…Ok, maybe a couple. You are a hopeless romantic and crave all the sweet things that life has to offer, so you probably do not feel guilty when you indulge in your sweetest desires.

Buttered Rum-and-then-some

So you are “all that and a bag of chips,” huh? It definitely shows. You probably admit to being a little on the high maintenance side but think you deserve it. You carry yourself well and people will likely admire you because you stand so tall, have a strong personality and can turn heads when you walk by.

Eve’s Delight

You are as natural as it gets. You will no-doubt always be a nature lover who enjoys the outdoors. Your delightful, care-free, fun-loving spirit shines through to everyone you meet.

Heavenly Macaroon

You enjoy that complex personality don’t you? Other people may even be a little envious because they have to work so hard at what comes natural to you. Sweet, yet sultry and sexy, even a little nutty when you want to be; you can win anyone over and never feel guilty about it.

Caramel Cake

If caramel cake is your favorite e-juice, you are apt to be bold, yet subtle at just the right time. You may be seen as self-indulgent, but you deserve it. So go ahead and indulge yourself with Caramel Cake.

Highbrowbacco - Menthol

You are so cool but you know when to hold back on the cool factor. You can easily put on your straight-face when at Sunday dinner with the family or in that important meeting, but after that, it is back to showing the great blend of qualities that gives you that perfect cool-factor.

All these flavors are great choices and may even reveal something about your personality. Do not limit yourself to just one favorite because there are many more choices that allow you to indulge in enjoying life’s little moments.

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