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De-Stress With Your Favorite Vape and eJuice

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Many of us smoked tobacco for years because we believed it helped us to relax. The ritual of lighting up, the taste of the first drag, the feel of the nicotine in our systems was unforgettable. Vaping provides an alternative to cigarettes that offers many of the same relaxing rituals.  



Create a Mindset for Relaxation

One of the quickest ways to beat stress with the aide of a vape is to re-create that smoking ritual you enjoy with cigarettes.  Make your vaping just as deliberate an act as smoking a cigarette. Try carrying your vape in a small decorative case. When you remove it from the case, do so mindful of your actions. Think ahead to the delicious flavor you will soon be enjoying.

Place it into your mouth and enjoy the feel of the vapor as you inhale. Perhaps you wish to roll it around your mouth to savor the flavor a bit more. Feel it hit your throat just right. Pull it into your lungs and finally, exhale slowly. Now that is pleasure and relaxation in your pocket!

Taste the Flavor

With a vape, you are in complete control of the flavors in your machine. Many people will turn to sweet flavors such as chocolate, peach or cherry when stressed. A vape provides all of the flavor and relaxation with none of the calories or sugar.

The Nicotine Rush

Most of us enjoy nicotine in our vape brews. For those of us who enjoy nicotine, it can be one of the high points of vaping. So select your favorite nicotine strength at the end of a long hard day to help unwind. There is no tobacco tar or smell that may offend those around you. Just sit back in your favorite place and indulge yourself in a nicotine haze.

A Place For Your Hands

Stress can make you want to do something active. But there are times when you just cannot move about as you'd like to. Holding and manipulating your vape while enjoying a session can go far in relieving your physical and emotional tensions. 

De-Stress Nearly Anywhere

A vape is much more socially acceptable then tobacco products. Most people will not bat an eye at a small device and its modest vapor cloud in most public places. You should always ask before vaping if you are in an enclosed public space. That said, few things are as relaxing and enjoyable as vaping as you go about the business of your day.

Have a Lazy Day

You can vape in the creature comforts of your own home as you indulge in a little bit of sloth. Pair up a custom vape flavor to your favorite junk food and just sprawl out and enjoy a movie marathon or cheer your favorite team on. Few things beat the stress of the workday week like a day spent unwinding and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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