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Tips for Polite Public Vaping


Public VapingMany people take up vaping because, unlike tobacco products, using a vaporizer is legal in most public places. They enjoy the freedom to enjoy their product of choice when and where they like. But to keep our freedom to vape freely we must learn about those few restrictions that do exist while acting responsibly to avoid more.

Legal Restrictions

There are a few legal restrictions on vaping that every vaper should be aware of. You cannot vape on a plane or most buses, for example. Many federal and state buildings are also tougher on vapers then other locations. Schools and places with many children may also have tighter restrictions. Remember, if in doubt, ask!

Education and Acceptance

If you are in a place where vaping is allowed, try to keep it that way. Remember, not everyone knows what a vape is and may distrust that strangely complex little device of yours. You may have to answer a few questions from time to time from curious smokers and non-smokers alike. Take it as a compliment and educate away. People are less likely to fear and want to ban something they understand.

A Question Of Etiquette

Don't vape in front of small children. Many parents will not know or care that your device is not a tobacco product. All they will care about is the cloud of vapor near their child. Parents will also complain loudly to those who make the policies if pushed.

Vaping inside restaurants is a touchy subject.. Always ask about the policy of that individual restaurant before indulging. Some restaurants will allow it any time, others ban it completely. Still other eateries allow it only at certain times of the day.

Don't light up inside a movie theater or other indoor performance. The vapor will interfere with the projector. If you have an e-cigarette with a lighted tip than those near you will be distracted. If you are at a live performance it is also best to avoid vaping if the room is dark.

Finally, don't be a 'cloud chaser' in public. A cloud chaser is a person who uses a vaporizer that can help him puff lovely large clouds of 'smoke', much like a medieval dragon. Many people enjoy these devices. Some even complete with others to create the biggest and best clouds they can. The problem is that many non-vapers do not enjoy the spectacle if it is in public space. To many, it is tantamount to blowing smoke in their faces. This is one mis-understanding that is easy to avoid. While vaping in a vaporizer-friendly public place use a device that releases just a small puff of vapor. Save your cloud chasing for those who will appreciate it.

It's Up to All of Us

In the end, common sense and consideration will go far to preserving our freedom to vape. Choose your battles wisely. Keep your cool while educating others about how a vaporizer works and what it releases as 'smoke'. In the end, the preservation of vaping freedom will be well worth it.

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