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Best E-Cigarette Liquid Flavors for Summer

After a long winter, most people are looking forward to the warm summer months that bring with them more time to spend outdoors. If you have made the switch to e-cigarettes, you no doubt cannot wait to take your e cig outside and start enjoying the nice warmer air. Summer also is the perfect time to try to new refreshing liquid flavors for your e-cig. These flavors are light and refreshing and provide the perfect tastes for the outdoors.

Below is a look at the top six flavors that you should try out this summer, if you have not tried them already. These liquid flavors are sure to please and may even move to the top of your favorites list.


1.    Strawberry Lemonade

Nothing says summer better than a nice cold glass of lemonade, except maybe strawberry lemonade. This amazing flavor is not only one of the most popular among e-cigarette smokers, but is the perfect refreshing flavor for summer. You can easily relax in your back yard or patio with this flavor, or take it with you while you are on the go. Either way, you will not be disappointed with the light, refreshing taste this flavor provides.

2.    Watermelon

One of the best ways to end any great summer picnic in the park is to slice down a nice juicy watermelon. The watermelon e-flavor produces the same tantalizing flavor that a watermelon will. Just one taste of the great flavor will bring back memories of any given summer day. Best of all, these amazing flavor will taste great throughout your smoke and is likely to rise to one of the top on your favorites list after just one try.

3.    Green Tea

You may not expect to see green tea on a summer favorites lists, but the green tea flavor provides so many health benefits it is hard to leave off any list. Green tea has been proven to boost your health, improve your heart, increase your energy level, and reduce stress. This all adds up to the perfect combination. After all, you want to be at your best during the summer so you can get out there and enjoy everything the great weather can provide.

 4.    Eve’s Delight

Apples and apple pie is basically synonymous with summer. These great juices in apples really comes out in the flavor of this popular e cig flavor. If you want a great flavor that allows you to just sit back and enjoy your e cig, Eve’s Delight is the right choice for you. Its amazing fruity flavors will bring peace and serenity to any summer day, whether you are sitting outside enjoying the summer, or resting peacefully indoors with the air conditioning. 

5.    Coconut    

When you think about a tropical vacation, you are likely to envision drinking right from the coconut shell while enjoying the white sandy beaches. This coconut flavor will allow you to bring a little paradise right to your home. It provides a rich and creamy e liquid flavor that helps set the tone for a relaxing day in your own paradise. The flavor is perfect to take along on any vacation whether you are heading to a tropical island or not.

6.    Dark Chocolate Mint

No list of summer favorites would be complete without a dessert on the list. This flavor has the perfect blend of dark chocolate, crème de menthe and vanilla to provide a superb flavor. If you are a chocolate lover, this is a must try flavor that may even become your daily pleasure, at least during the summer months. It offers a cool and refreshing flavor that is perfect for any summer day.

All of these six great flavors are perfect for the summer months, and all year long. In fact, you do not have to wait for summer to try any of these amazing flavors; you can try them right now. This may not officially make summer come any faster, but it can make you feel like summer has already arrived. If you have not tried this great flavors yet, make a point of giving them a try this summer and see if they are able to make your top favorites list. You are likely to discover that while these flavors are perfect for the summer months, they are also great to use during the other seasons, as well.

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