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4 Simple Strategies to Boost Your E Cig Battery Life

Life for e cig batteries used to be short lived. Some batteries lasted longer than others, but finding a battery that lasted for more than few hours was next to impossible. Today's models last much longer. In fact, your e cig juice will run out long before your battery dies.
Of course, when the battery does wear out, it's not extremely expensive to replace it. However, getting the most value out of your investment is important. Replacing your batteries before their time is akin to wasting money. We want you to get the most out of your investment, so here are a few tips to ensure you do.
Properly Store Your Battery
This may seem obvious, but you should always use common sense when caring for your batteries. But you won't believe how many times we've heard about people doing the following:
  • Soaking batteries in Windex
  • Leaving batteries on the radiator
  • Storing e juice and e cigs in the fridge to bring out flavor
You did what? Okay, so maybe these might be off the wall instances, but it is possible to get careless and forget that heat, humidity, and moisture can cut your battery's lifespan dramatically. Always store batteries away from harm's way and out of the reach of children and pets. Don't store your e cig in the bathroom, and don't vape in the shower.
Keep Your Battery Charged
No, you should not let your battery drain fully before recharging. Newer rechargeable batteries aren't negatively affected by topping off. Topping off is less stressful for the battery and this method requires less power to get the battery back up to full charge. Keeping your battery fully charged at all times will help you avoid getting caught out with a pocket full of dead batteries. Always be prepared.
Keep Your Battery Clean
Using your e cig properly involves keeping cartridges and batteries as clean as possible. However, things happen. You can drop your e cig, or store it upside down. Also, over time your batteries will get dirty. E juice leaks and condensation can cause battery grime. If your battery and cartridge aren't kept clean, your relationship with your e cig will be short. A small amount of maintenance can help keep your investment in working order.
You Have to Use Your E Cig!
One of the most commonly overlooked realities of keeping your battery in working order is actually using the device. Your e cig is not a classic car. It won't increase in value with age. Your device is like a machine that needs regular exercise. The more the e cig is used, the better it will work. Don't save your device for a rainy day. E cigs were designed to be used, don't keep trying to hoard a collection of vintage e cigs. All you're doing is wasting money. Batteries aren't that expensive. Feel free to stock up on e cig batteries, and keep a few fully charged batteries lying around so you can experience uninterrupted enjoyment of your e cig.
Finally, one of the best things about these e cigs is that there are so many juices available via the website. Your e cig won't have a chance to languish with all these flavors to try. Chai tea, cheesecake torte, caramel, blueberry, and Belgian waffles are only some of the most delicious flavors that we offer our customers. You'll never be bored with all this variety, so keep those batteries charged and in good working order, because we definitely have some treats in store for you.

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