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Get That Celebrity Glow

It seems like electronic cigarettes get their fair share of bad buzz. Maybe that's because the woes and worries associated with standard, smokable cigarettes are well-worn. Just about everyone knows that smoking is associated with lung disease, heart disease, circulatory problems, and of course the big C: cancer. In fact, warning labels on cigarette packaging are the norm, not only in the US, but world-wide. Some countries put pictures of cancer-ridden organs right on your pack of smokes.
But news articles about the potential dangers of smoking seem to be dwindling, while the fire heats up under the debate over potential problems with vaping. It makes sense, since e cigs are the new kid in town, the rising star (if you will).
So it's awesome to see some positive publicity for a cause near and dear to Highbrow Vapor's heart. Recently, at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, the stars aligned to puff puff publicly on their favorite smoke-free nicotine devices. Though California has a ban against smoking in public spaces that dates back two decades, Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis Dreyfus were well within the laws as they vaped away inside the Los Angeles Beverly Hilton. Only the tell-tale glow of their e cig atomizers giving them away as e liquid lovers. 
DiCaprio is a defacto ambassador for e cigs, having frequently appeared in public and on movie sets puffing away and exhaling steam. But it's not only celebrities who help to get the word out. You, too,  can be an ambassador, an e cig star, showing the world how wonderful's glamorous selection of full-flavored, handcrafted e liquids can be. We don't need celebrity endorsement, because our customers are the real stars of our lives; it is with you in mind that we create the finest e liquids with premium, top-quality ingredients.
Some spectacularly star-worthy selections that we suggest to start with include:
Amaretto Amore: a bittersweet, complex flavor worthy of its fine liqueur namesake. With a delicate blend of apricot and almond notes, infused with a subtle touch of burnt sugar, this e liquid is a classy and classic choice.
Dark Chocolate Mint: this luxurious blend of dark, rich chocolate with sweetly refreshing creme de menthe comes together with just a touch of vanilla bean. Its a subtle mint hit and a deep, dark semi-sweet chocolate, but you can dial up (or down) on either to suit you diva-like desires.
Highbrowbacco Cigar: nothing says celebrity like a cigar between your lips. This strong yet smooth e liquid blends cocoa, pepper and earthy spices to create a complex flavor that even the most discriminating aficionado can recognize as fine cigar flavor.
So get that celebrity glow, right at your fingertips, and feel like a star with

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