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Many see e cigarettes as a growing movement, a disruptive technology and the new wave of nicotine. Others argue that they're merely a flash-in-the-pan fad, bound to lose popularity sooner or later. Still others remain unmoved, not siding one way or the other as they wait for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to formerly announce official regulations.
Those in the third camp see electronic cigarettes' spike in popularity as being largely or partly due to their lack of federal oversight. Certain states, like Utah and New Jersey, and even cities like Boston and New York have taken initiative and put into place their own laws and restrictions on e-cig use, especially in public places.
But the highly anticipated and soon-to-arrive FDA rules and regulations will have a big impact, one way or another. Experts worry that if the laws are too strict, they'll crush small e cig and e liquid companies (like Highbrow Vapor!), leaving plenty of room for Big Tobacco to dominate smoking cigarettes AND vapor e cigarettes. Plenty of name brand cigarette companies have already thrown their hats into the electronic/vaping ring and would very much love to have a slice of each pie.
On the other hand, if the restrictions are too lax, then quality standards may fall by the wayside, leading to poor and hasty manufacturing and harmful e cig devices or improperly mixed nicotine e liquids.
Furthermore, scientists argue that electronic cigarettes can only be truly effective in reducing the death toll from smoking with rules applying to traditional cigarettes, for example: making ordinary cigarettes more expensive, or reducing the amount of nicotine allowed in smoking cigarettes.
Here at, we could not be more pleased to tell you that we offer the antidote to all the aforementioned issues. With our premium, US-made e liquids, you can already choose the amount of nicotine that best suits your tastes (0, 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 milligrams), and our unbeatable prices mean that you'll definitely be saving money. With traditional cigarettes, you have to buy a new pack daily or weekly, but with Highbrow Vapor e liquid you can refill your same vaporizer over and over again for a fraction of the price.
And you'll never have to worry about shoddy craftsmanship, no matter what the FDA decides is acceptable. At Highbrow, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, using only 100% USP kosher food grade PG/VG and 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine in our premium e liquids.
Best of all, we are--and always will be--a small, family owned and operated business. No Big Tobacco influences here. We're not in this for money or political power, but because we're passionate about creating outstanding e liquid flavors at an affordable price. So let the FDA and Big Tobacco battle it out for legality and profit. No matter what, will always be the best place for premium, mouthwatering, high quality e liquids. 

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