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The Secret Life of Cigarettes

When you make the choice to switch from smoking cigarettes to savoring premium, US-made Highbrow Vapor E Liquid, you're upgrading in more ways than one. Making the shift to E Cigs means trading stinky, stale smoke for delicious, all natural flavor. It means saying goodbye to known carcinogens and toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke in favor of 99.9% pure pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. It means expanded opportunities to enjoy your e cig where smoking is banned (at home, at the office, at the bar with friends), without worry about harmful secondhand smoke. In this way, the choice to change impacts everyone around you.
Possibly the biggest impact, however, starts from the smallest source: cigarette butts. These innocuous little devils account for up to 50% of all litter in the US annually, according to and other sources. Cigarettes are the single most littered item, making up a huge chunk of an already sizable environmental problem, one which the US spends over 11 billion dollars per year trying to clean up. In a study reported by, smokers were found to toss, on average, 5 or more butts per pack. 
Sure, they may seem small, but those little littered butts add up quickly, and they don't stay put outside the entrances to buildings or along highways where they get tossed. Litter is mobile, propelled by wind and water, and quickly finds its way to storm storm drains and eventually to rivers, lakes, and the sea. 32% of litter found clogging storm drains is comprised of cigarette butts. Worse still, not only is this trash mobile, its pretty permanent. Cigarette butts don't just disappear, due to the fact that about 95% of filters are made of cellulose acetate, a plastic that does not quickly biodegrade. Cigar tips are mostly made of plastic, as well.
But the scariest thing of all is that this trashy trend shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. found that one of the top predictors of littering was lack of proper receptacles--without an ashtray or trashcan nearby, most folks opt to litter, with the average person willing to walk no more than 12 paces holding trash ( With smoking legislation becoming ever more restrictive, the ashtrays that used to be mainstays in living rooms, restaurants and bars are now all but gone, and most car companies have phased out ash trays as a standard feature.
Make no butts about it, it's a serious issue. The good news is, you DO have a choice. You can choose delicious, top-quality, pure, family owned HighBrow Vapor, instead of choosing smoke, chemicals, and litter. Vaping with Highbrow's E Liquids and E Juices is more sustainable and a lot more fun. 

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