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Sweet Nothings

second hand smokeWe've often reminded you of the dangerous drawbacks that come attached to smoking cigarettes, and they're no joke. According to Wikipedia, tobacco is the top cause of preventable death worldwide, most commonly via diseases of the heart, liver and lungs. Smoking is a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. And it's deadly demise extends to non-smokers, with second-hand smoke bearing responsibility for problems as serious as heart disease and cancer, and as ubiquitous as asthma.
Of course, you probably know a lot of this already, thanks in large part to anti-smoking advertisements and legislation. As a small, family-owned company, doesn't mind the attacks on Big Tobacco one bit. Now, there's a new threat on the horizon, with big business behind it as much as ever. We're talking Big Sugar.
In Fed Up, a new film that recently premiered at Sundance, the similarities between the tobacco industry and sugary foods manufacturers are made clear. Directed by Stephanie Soechtig and voiced by Katie Couric, Fed Up addresses some startling statistics, like the fact that incidences of childhood type-2 diabetes have risen from zero (yes, zero) in 1980 to 57,636 in 2010. This is a disease that was formly known as "Adult-Onset Diabetes," and now there are children having heart attacks and strokes.
The film points to a big shift in food culture in the 1980s and 90s, where fat-free became the all-important marker of health. Food manufacturers silently upped the sugar in packaged foods, while cutting the fat. In the past 35 years, sugar consumption has doubled, and its damage is more far-reaching than you might think; even visibly thin people can still be unhealthy, with up to 40% of skinny people carrying around enough fat padding their internal organs to qualify as clinically obese, according to Soechtig.
It's a lot to be worried about, especially when sugar tastes so darned good! In fact, studies in lab rats have shown that they'll choose sugar water over cocaine! That's what we call addiction. So what can you do about it? You can cut out smoking AND sugar, in one fell swoop, with delicious, mouth-wateringly sweet E Juice and E Liquid flavors Smoke and sugar free, with adjustable levels of nicotine, include zero milligrams, for those of you that want a sweet treat without the nicotine buzz.
Some of our favorite dessert-inspired creations include:
Creme Brulee: a delicious vanilla custard with creamy mouthfeel and bold vanilla undertones. Hints of caramel throughout, and not a cavity to be found!
Heavenly Macaroon: a decadent combination of creamy coconut, rich chocolate, and toasty almond. When you're in the mood for something really sweet, try this and skip the calories.
Fight Big Tobacco and Big Sugar in one fell swoop, while having your Caramel Cake E Liquid, and vaping it, too. Sticking it to corparate interests never tasted so sweet. 

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