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The Highbrow Guarantee(s)

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article challenged NJoy (the second largest E Cig brand)'s new ad campaign for possibly making false or misleading health claims. The commercial's tagline--"Friends don't let friends smoke"--can be seen as implying that E Cigs are safer than regular cigarettes. Now, while we are positive that E Cigs smell better, produce less waste and are vapable in places where smoking cigarettes have been banned, we'll stay out of the health-claims battle. The jury is still out on that one, and for Highbrow Vapor, crafting and selling one-of-a-kind E Liquids and E Juices is about more than just health; it's about all-around quality. 
Rather than offer up unsubstantiated health claims, we thought we'd give you guarantees that you can count on. We most whole-heartedly maintain that:
Quality Control is a Top Priority. Only the highest quality ingredients will grace Highbrow Vapor brand eliquids and e juices, because we KNOW you can taste the difference. Not only are all of our premium products produced locally and personally, they're also made using only 100% USP kosher food grade PG/VG and 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Our flavors are created using aseptic technique by professionals and meet all FDA standards. Furthermore, we've made comprehensive ingredient lists for each and every product available on our website,                                  so you know exactly what you're vaping.
Our Hand-Crafted Flavors are True to Nature. We strive to capture flavors found in nature, creating many of our extracts and essences from scratch, for a truly unique vaping experience. We want you to taste real fruit, tobacco, coffee or spice flavor, not artificial imitations, or chemically-sweet fake flavors that mimic the real thing. We know that the best E liquid and E juices come from the best ingredients.
Every Highbrow E Liquid or E Juice is Made to Order. No two people are alike, so why should and two vapors--or vaping liquids--be the same? That's why we offer many ways to customize your order. At checkout you can choose double flavor, alter your PG/VG mix ratio, add extra throat hit, request additional flavors, or anything else your heart desires, absolutely free of charge. This is because, unlike big corporate ecig companies (like NJoy), we don't make your E Juice until you order it. So you get custom, American made E Liquid, every time, at a reasonable price.

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