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You're reading this; you have a computer. Or a tablet, or a smartphone, or at least access to the internet somehow. Which means you very well may have already seen the article on "11 Untranslatable Words from Other Cultures" making the rounds, seen everywhere from Huffington Post to Buzzfeed to Daily Good...well, basically everywhere. The infographic-style post includes words like "culaccino" (Italian), which is the mark left on a table by a cold glass, or "pochemuchka" (Russian), a person who asks a lot of questions.
Whether you've seen it or not, you probably haven't seen it through Highbrow Vapor's eyes, where we discovered that nearly all these untranslatable words would, in fact, be prime vaping moments. Here, we share a few of our favorites, along with suggested Highbrow Vapor E Liquid flavor pairings. Enjoy!
- "Waldeinsamkeit" (German): the feeling of being alone in the woods. And there are few flavors more reminiscent of woodland wonders than freshly-picked berries. Our Blackberry E liquid is made from world-famous wild Oregon berries, a delicious fruit flavor that's smooth all the way through. Never too sweet, and with a subtle citrusy aftertaste that cuts through like sunshine through the trees. Speaking of which...
- "Komorebi" (Japanese): sunlight that filters through tree leaves. For a sunny-yet-soft vaping experience, our Apricot E Liquid is as smooth and sweet as they come! With a delicate apricot flavor and a muted, musky tartness, this all-natural vaping juice follows a fresh, ripe apricot inhale with a smooth and slightly sweet finish. Now, if you're looking for something more social than a sun-lit walk in the woods...
- "Sobremesa" (Spanish): the time spent after a meal talking and relaxing with your table mates. For a post-meal pick-me-up, try our Spanish-inspired Orange de Sangre E Liquid. This bold, blood orange flavor is crisp, clean and slightly tangy, made from home-grown California citrus, with a Castillian twist. And while we're in the mood for exotic and fruity...
- "Pana Po'o" (Hawaiian): the act of scratching your head while trying to remember something you've forgotten. Haven't we said before that vaping is in itself a meditative act? Then why not take a moment to slow down and enjoy our tropical Coconut E Liquid, while you try and jog your memory. This premium E Juice has a rich and creamy coconut flavor that's natural and never too sweet.
Try out your new vocab, and try a  new favorite E Liquid from Highbrow Vapor.

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