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"In" the Outback

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The air is getting warmer and the days are getting longer - a classic indication that summer is here!! Folks are already making plans on where to go, and what to do during their vacation.  What about you? Are you ready to go vacationing? Do you know which destination will excite your senses, fulfill your needs, and accommodate your budget!

If you don't have even the foggiest idea about vacationing, leave alone having concrete plans for your summer holiday, just relax!

We 'd like to share a comprehensive guide to the most exciting, relaxing, vape-friendly destinations in the US!  Pack your bag with just the essentials (including your vaping basics), and then hop "outback" to your nearest airport!


Denver, Colorado

Nicknamed the "Mile-High City" because of its official elevation, Denver is likely to become the high point of vaping in the US!

While vaping on government property is illegal, no laws are restricting or prohibiting this practice in public. What's more, the business community is at liberty to allow or disallow vaping in public!

The city is a haven for the vaping community as evidenced by myriad restaurants, nightclubs, and other private establishments that specifically target the vaping fraternity. The local vaping culture identity is splashed in such joints like Gold Creek Casino, The Funky Buddha Lounge, and the Meadowlark Night Club, among others.

While vacationing in Denver, you will relish having carried your vaporizer kit!


Seattle, Washington

The metropolitan city of Seattle is a real melting pot of diversity, renowned for embracing the alternative culture. The vaping community is having a field day here, what with over 150 vape shops and many nightclubs, and bars, embracing the vaping culture!

One can enjoy their vape while walking in the city streets, or strolling in the breezy and beautiful public parks.

Home to numerous vaping advocacy groups like the Pink Lung Brigade, vapers can confidently do their thing on the streets without the fear of being fined or harassed by the Law enforcement agencies.


Virginia Beach, Virginia

With no restrictions on public vaping, Virginia Beach is the ideal seaside destination for vapers on holiday. This city accommodates such a large number of vape-friendly night clubs, and restaurants like the Seaside Raw Bar, The Young Veterans Brewery Company, and the Buckethead's Restaurant.

The game-changer is a concert Arena, Farm Bureau Live, which has a capacity of twenty thousand seats! This outdoor auditorium facilitates free-for-all vaping to live bands, right on the beach!

Another spot popular with vapers is Mango's live music venue, and the beautiful downtown area is populated with a variety of vape shops. The friendly attendants serving in these shops are ever willing to indulge the vacationers to their satisfaction.


Tampa, Florida

This city is located on the seashores of the Gulf of Mexico, and just a short drive to the beach city of St. Petersburg.

There is an array of vape-friendly beaches, restaurants, and night clubs. Almost all the seaside restaurants, beach bars and gift shops in Clearwater and St Pete are open to vaping.

The Tampa shopping malls, including both The International and West Shore Plaza shopping center, as well as Tampa International Airport are big with vaping.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Also known as the sin city, anything goes here and vaping is no exceptional! Vacationers are at liberty to indulge themselves even in their hotel rooms. With fifty vape shops to boot, Las Vegas is host to the increasingly trendy annual Vape Summit.

With such a guide to the top vaporizer destinations, you are now wiser in selecting your summer vacation hot spot.

All we can say to you now is pack your e-cigs and juice and Bon voyage!






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