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What Used to Be Popular . . . Can Become Popular Once Again     Popularity can be a rather fickle thing. As a result, what used to be popular can become unpopular, much as how what has become unpopular can become popular once again. Here are some examples of trending items that are making a big comeback:

Movie Franchises

Whether it is because Hollywood is risk-averse or because Hollywood is responding to the nostalgia of their fans, a lot of movie franchises have seen revivals in recent years. For example, The Force Awakens brought back the Star Wars franchise in a big way, starring fresh faces while also bringing back some old favorites to reassure those who responded negatively to the prequels. However, it was far from being the sole franchise to be revived in recent years, not when everything from Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible to Terminator and Mad Max have received recent entries. Never mind other movie franchises that will be receiving the same treatment relatively soon, including but not limited to Ghostbusters, Top Gun, and even Conan. While many of these movies have managed to hold onto much of their original charm, they have also been updated for modern tastes, thus entrenching them in the imaginations of both the original fans and whole new generations of movie-goers.

Rubik's Cube

Although the Rubik's Cube reached the height of its popularity in the 1980s, it has seen surges time and time again, with recent times being one such example. After all, its colored blocks are as charming now as they were then, while its wonderful concept remains a fascinating challenge for those who love puzzles. As a result, it is no coincidence that there are all sorts of competitions involving all sorts of conditions, thus maximizing the appeal of the Rubik's Cube to the maximum number of people possible. Common examples range from the unsurprising such as solving the cube in the fewest possible moves to rarer and more unusual competitions such as solving the cube with one hand, solving the cube with one's feet, and even solving the cube while blindfolded, which sounds all but impossible.


The moment that compact discs hit the music market, consumer interest in vinyl fell like a stone in water. However, it is interesting to note that vinyl is starting to make a comeback with millions and millions of sale, which is rather curious considering that even compact discs have fallen out of favor in preference for digital storage as well as streaming music over the Internet. Some people suggest that this is because vinyl provides their owners with something tangible to hold onto, which can make for a refreshing contrast to the intangibility of its modern successors. However, whatever the reason, it is hard to doubt that vinyl is something that fell out of favor but has since started making a comeback, however limited it might be.

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Even though e-cigs are still on an upward moving trend, the theory is they, too, will wane and taper and become less of a hot topic. But like all really good things, they'll be sure to come back around. For now, check out all our trending e-juice flavors and and enjoy some nostalgia.

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