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May the Fourth Be With You ...

Whether you're new to vaping or enjoying an all day fog right now, May has a lot of great dates that you need to know about, so may the force be with you…


May 1st - May Day

May 1st is often referred to as May Day, and with so many holidays celebrated on this day, there are a host of reasons why. May Day commemorates Spring, it's a day when there have been political protests, neo-pagan festivals, a saint's day, and a day that recognizes organized labor. In a few countries, it's also a national holiday.

Beltane is a Celtic holiday that officially starts summer. Commemorated with feasts and bonfires, it's the perfect time to vape and enjoy a feast of cake and rich foods. Try great vaping flavors like 5-Star Caramel Cake for your sweet tooth or an e-liquid favorite, Highbrowbacco with hints of caramel, vanilla and tobacco.

Celebrated on May 1st, St. Walburga helped the Heidenheim monastery bring Christianity to Germany. This date coincides with Walpurgisnacht which commemorates a pagan festival. Other festivals include the Celebration of Flora, a fertility goddess, as well it being a festive day of flowers in England to start spring there. That's where we get the may pole from with kids running with ribbons and flowers around a pole. It's also Labor Day in some countries, while other areas remember it as being a day of riots, strikes, demonstrations and parades.

May 4th - Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you. That's because May 4th celebrates the creation of Star Wars by George Lucas. Fans everywhere will celebrate the holiday on the Internet, throughout various clubs, social media and other organizations. To commemorate the day, contact someone on May 4th with #StarWarsDay.

On the same date, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took office in the UK and the headline for the London Evening News read, "May the Fourth be With You, Maggie."

May 5th - Revenge of the Fifth

That's right, May 5th has significance, too. Putting a pun on Revenge of the Sith, which was Star Wars: Episode III, fans enjoy celebrating the Sith Lords in the Star Wars series.

May 14th - Happy Birthday George Lucas

With May 14th, we celebrate the birthday of George Lucas and this is also the date that has been used for Star Wars Weekends to begin at the Walt Disney World Resort.

May 28th - Labor Day

While you're enjoying Labor Day off if you happen to live in the US, be sure to enjoy a good vape while you watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens and get ready for Rogue One which will be out later this year as we see the period after the Clone Wars where Darth Vader sends Boba Fett to find and track down the last Jedi.

In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way – Yoda

When you're ready to light up, tap into great May vaping flavors. High Brow Vapor specializes in quality vape flavors with Dessert flavors, popular Drinks, Fruit flalvors and favorites like Highbrowbacco for the best in cigar, pipe and menthol flavors.



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