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Oh Sweet Mom of Mine ...


In honor of Mother's Day, we're celebrating moms and strong, rocking women who vape! Take a look at these great celebrities who vape in Hollywood and you'll see how not only do moms and girls rock, but there are stunning celebrity actresses and models who vape, too!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is a celebration that honors moms all over the world and it's a way to say thank you to women who have been influential in our lives, as well as influential in society. Mother's Day falls on different dates in May throughout the world.

Celebrating Mother's Day dates as far back as the 20th Century and we started celebrating Mother's Day in church in 1908. For years mothers have been celebrated at church, they're taken to the movies, given gifts by their kids, sent shopping or for spa days, and given breakfast in bed. If you're thinking about great vape flavors for Mom, try our Belgian Waffle with hints of cinnamon and maple. When you're ready to spoil mom with tasty desserts, be sure to splurge on a great box of chocolates, a tasty cake, and for rich vape flavors, spoil your favorite lady with Cheesecake Torte and mix in a shot of raspberry or blueberry, she'll be sure to love.

Sexy Female Celebs, Moms and Models Who Vape

As we look at mothers and women all over the world who rock, we also turn our attention to great female actresses who vape and you can see these celebs on the stage, screen and at great party venues…

  • Paris Hilton: Never one to be shy, Paris isn't afraid to show her passions in public. She's been seen in pics vaping at night clubs, parties and on the road. A former smoker, she looks good vaping and we can totally see her in an all day fog! If we had to guess her flavor palette, we would see her as more of a buttered rum and then some!
  • Katherine Heigl: In 2010, Katherine Heigl was shown talking about e-cigarettes when she was on the David Letterman show. She says the e-cigs helped her quit her smoking habit. See her here vaping with David Letterman.
  • One of our favorite rockin' female celebs who totally emits girl power is Michelle Rodriguez. Known for the Fast and the Furious franchise, she's been spotted all over L. A. with her e-cigs. We know Michelle would totally rock Highbrowbacco mixed with a hint of rum while she shifts gears in a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – Go Letty!
  • A great mom and stunning actress, Sienna Miller was spotted a few years ago enjoying a great vape when she was filming the movie, Just Like a Woman. What is it about sexy moms and women who vape that we love so much? That's right; it's that rockin' girl power and Sienna's got it!
  • Vaping never looked so good especially when it's super sexy model and mom, Kate Moss with her e-cigs. She's one of the hottest super models in the world and you can check her out on Instagram here.

For great vaping products and vape gifts for moms, shop High Brow Vapor. With the best in e-cigarette flavors, you'll find great flavors you can mix and match in different strengths and they'll make the perfect gift for your vaping mom or that special lady in your life!

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