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Leonardo DiCaprio Stirs up ALA and AVA


Just when I think that Leonardo Dicaprio had an easier life than I do in just about every way, I heard the news about the actor coming under fire for deciding to vape in public. Actor Leonardo Dicaprio, making the switch from cigarettes to vaping, didn't get the any praise. Rather, he gets the American Lung Association telling us all about how his actions are "deeply troubling." Talk about a tough crowd.

Now I have never vaped at an important event, but I can appreciate the need for a nicotine fix during a long presentation. Apparently no one at the ALA can relate to the issue, so the outrage isn't so surprising. However, I have to give the ALA some credit. Seeing the photo of Leo in his classic tuxedo at the at the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards definitely made me want to go buy a new MVP 2.0. Leo is a certified menace to society.

Perhaps what got the ALA so upset is the fact that Los Angeles now has a law prohibiting the use of vapes indoors. Or maybe it is that Leo has gone out of his way to advocate on behalf of the environment, while at the same time carelessly filling up our atmosphere with his degenerate second-hand vapor that smells like pineapples. However, TMZ reports may be correct in saying that he may not be breaking the law after all. They point out that the ban does not include so called "theatrical production sites," and the venue of the SAG award just so happens to be one.

Now I am not attacking Leo myself, but the guy had to have known that he would get caught. TMZ probably hires a guy full-time job is to take photos of him doing scandalous things while he is at home.

This is not the first time the actor has been caught in the act. The actor was seen using his e-cigarette throughout the 2014 US open. However, he reportedly took measures to go unnoticed by wearing sunglasses, growing out his beard and using his hat as a mask. At some point I suppose he could no longer find his shame..

The ALA may be pleased to know that shortly after the photo was released, reports spread that e-cigarettes would not be tolerated at this year's Oscars. Rest assured that if Leo needed a fix while at the Oscars he would need to go outside like all the rest of them, and take his fancy new award with him.

Despite the major public outcry, Dicaprio still somehow manages to have some loyal fans. It's just that his biggest fans are now part of the American Vaping Association (AVA). As a former smoker and vape convert, I guess I just found one more reason to admire my favorite actor.

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