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National East Meets West Day

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April 25th is the National East Meets West day, a day set aside to commemorate Elbe day and the spirit of the Elbe. It's a day when the Soviets, advancing from the East and the American troops, advancing from the West met at the Elbe River, making a significant step towards the end of World War II in Europe. The allied forces were able to effectively cut Germany in two with a handshake that made history. A bridge of friendship was created between the American and Soviet soldiers, where they swore an oath in memory of those who had not made it thus far.

The spirit of Elbe lives on and conquers even as we mark the anniversary of the allies' meeting by holding a wreath-laying ceremony every year with military bands playing the national anthems of Russia and the United States. It is a time to preserve the recollections of that profound meeting by having a fulfilling vaping experience with friends, family and veteran buddies. How nice it would be to celebrate National East Meets West by thanking a WWII veteran or any veteran with their favorite vape flavors from Highbrow Vapor for the sacrifices made to protect our country and the freedom given to our great nation. Highbrow Vapors offers refreshing e-liquid flavors fused to your liking for a perfect throat hit. You can invite all your vaping friends and set off a joyous celebration as you share your family history during World War II. Enjoy a Cappuccino Diablo, a delightful representation of your favorite coffee drink, crafted to bring out stimulating aromas of the finest Columbian espresso beans as you play R.U.S.E, a wargame set during World War II for an intriguing war experience.

It's evident that many sports team hold annual East vs. West games around this time of the year. We have such a history battling it out, and it's a great rival! But best of luck! The games would be much more enjoyable if we could enjoy a simple vape while attending one of these games. It does not have to be limited to sports teams only as clubs, organizations and groups that hold competitions can be geographically separated into west and east blocks and take the fun a notch higher.

There is nothing as incredible as relaxing with a bottle of excellent wine with a tray of assorted fruits on your table during a spring afternoon with friends. Well, there is an e-juice like that to be exact. You can decide to engage in a vaping competition by sampling out our variety of e-juices and vape the hell out of your e-cig. Load up some Chai Tea for a balanced blend of sweetness and a little bit of spice from the east and some more flavors from the west like the Cheesecake Torte mix and get to cloud chasing. You are free to base the entire affair on how big, thick and dense you can get your vape cloud. Must be fun! Let's celebrate the memory of that powerful moment on the Elbe while vaping away.

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