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Sanders and Cruz in Wisconsin


It might be time to tear up your political brackets. With all eyes on Wisconsin, the political race is surely heating up. Maybe you're still reeling from the Villanova upset over UNC to even notice, or you're enjoying a good vape as you placed your bets on who would win in Wisconsin. The polls show wins for Cruz and Sanders tonight. Sanders came in with 56.0% of the votes over Hillary Clinton's 43.7% for the 86 delegate votes in Wisconsin. For Bernie Sanders, this will be his sixth win over Hillary Clinton based on votes in the last seven states. The next test will come on April 19th. For now, all eyes in Wisconsin are on Trump.

Trump's Loss to Cruz

Despite having one of his worst weeks on record and his campaign manager recently charged with battery, Trump came out smiling with his wife who backed him in her first public display of support for him. Despite this, Cruz went into Wisconsin having a 10 point lead on Trump and it was a win that Cruz needed. The two have been waging a state by state fight for the upcoming GOP nomination. As it stands, Cruz has won with 49.6% of the votes while Trump was left with 33.4% and 14.5% going to John Kasich.

Sanders Gaining Momentum

The surprising news was that Sanders won in Wisconsin. Having won 5 out of 6 states, Sanders and Clinton are making their way to New York. While Sanders road to the Democratic nomination is tight, we can only speculate what will happen next. As Sanders is gaining momentum, all eyes will be on New York, April 19th, as polls show Sanders is doing better with young voters over Clinton, but Clinton is reaching more women voters. Tonight's win is great for Sanders, but he's still lagging behind Clinton in the polls and will still need about 67% of delegate votes to secure the Democratic nomination.

For Trump fans, this may mean that he's going to have to dig deep to come back from this loss as it will make it harder for him to secure the nomination prior to the summer convention. With his rally in Long Island and other upcoming dates, time will tell just how heated the debates will get for the billionaire. As it stands, despite Trump still leading on the Republican side, anti Trump campaigns are already reeling from this loss. It may be an uphill battle at this point to win the convention as delegate support is needed and Trump has already managed to ruffle a few feathers, but just like Villanova at the last second, it ain't over until it's over!

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