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Batman v Superman: A Vape for Justice


The new Batman v Superman movie has been called the most anticipated superhero film of all time. With all this anticipation comes anxiety. What better way to curb that anxiety than to vape it all away. If you've seen the trailer, you know to expect a good amount of tension between our two favorite heroes, so chances are that they have taken similar heroic measures. After all, it is the people that these heroes claim to be concerned with right, so they should advocate for such a great alternative to the old fashioned cigarette.

We don't know what is compelling us to vape more, our excitement at the film's release, or the worry that actor Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman will screw up this opportunity. The film has all of the of right ingredients to be a hit, and yet for the same reason has all of the right components to be a disaster, a bit like a traditional cigarette. Batman and Superman going at it wearing tight outfits could either be really entertaining or just plain laughable. Either way, I'm going to give it a chance.

Unlike Superman, Batman has remained above the law, and out of the hands of the government. With vapes we can all be like our favorite character. Feel above law as you casually hit a vape in the back of the movie theater, depending on which state you live in that is. If you live in Los Angeles you will have to hang up your Batman suit at home along with your new vape, because it is now illegal to use in doors there. But even Batman needs to take a break and step outside sometimes, so bring it along.

Whether the film is a flunk or a success, it sure would be nice to let the cinematic event sink in over a vape session with your buddies. For instance if the film is great you'll be pumped up and ready to kick some ass, and in need of nicotine to calm yourself down. However, if it turns out that Batman and Superman manages to disappoint, you will need twice as much nicotine to deal with the emotions.

The moral of the story is that being a superhero comes with its ups and downs. In contrast, vaping comes with no downs, and only ups. Anyone can be a hero by telling their friends to pack a vape with them for the theater this summer. If they don't already have one, start pushing them to make the move from cigarettes to vaping. Once they begin they will be anticipating the latest model more than they anticipated Batman v Superman.

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