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What to do Instead of Chew

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For a long time, chewing nicotine gum in a professional setting (at the office, in a museum, or in school, for example) was considered bad etiquette. Even today, there are many situations in which chewing gum would be seen as rude or disrespectful--during a job interview, an important meeting, or a test. Yet research is constantly suggesting more and more beneficial reasons to chomp away, including a study at St. Lawrence University that found gum-chewing participants to outperform their empty-mouthed counterparts in five out of six cognitive ability tests.
Perhaps the most famous gum and lifestyle connection is that between gum chewing and weight loss. According to, University of Rhode Island researchers demonstrated that people who regularly chew gum consume on average 68 fewer calories at lunchtime, without compensating by eating more later. Gum chewing was found to help subjects satisfy cravings and resists fattening treats, and gum chewers burned about 5% more calories than non-chewers.
However, as mentioned before, gum isn't always the greatest choice. It can easily be viewed as unprofessional and adolescent. What's more, Israeli scientists at Meir Medical Centre found a strong correlation between chewing gum and migraine headaches. Ouch! to skirt the benefits -v- drawbacks issue entirely? With Highbrow Vapor, of course! You can do this with Highbrow Vapor's delicious E Liquids. Reach for your flavorful E Juice instead.
Highbrowbacco Menthol: this classic, minty option offers a warm inhale contrasted with a crisp and cool exhale, giving your mouth plenty to busy itself with, instead of snacking. You can even dial the menthol strength up or down, to better suit your preferentce, whether it be slightly minty or cold as ice.
Cinnamon: for a warmer experience, this essential flavor captures real cinnamon taste with subtle sweet, spicy and woody notes. And for an even spicier, candy-coated experience, you can request "Cinnamon Red Hot" in the "customize this flavor" text box at checkout.
Limoncello: prefer to chew on fruit-flavored sticks? This zesty citrus E Juice is tangy, sweet and refreshing. A great, gum-free pick me up.
So no matter how you chew it, "chews" Highbrow Vapor, any time, anywhere.

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