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Diet Shmiet

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american made e juiceWe talked in a recent post about the (not so) surprisingly harmful affects soda and other sugary drinks have on your body. Now, at a time of year when the word "diet" hovers in the air like ice crystals, we want to take it a step further, dispelling the myth that diet soda is somehow better, and challenging the cultural mentality of dieting, altogether.
If you think you're doing yourself, or your body, any favors by opting for diet drinks, think again. A study from the University of Texas Health Science Center that followed 475 adults over a 10-year period found that the diet soda drinkers in the group experienced a 70% increase to their waistlines. Part of this, the researchers found, can be attributed to the artificial sweetener aspartame--used widely in diet soft drinks--which raises blood glucose level and causes the liver to create more fat cells.
Of course, at Highbrow Vapor, we are patently against anything artificial. We use 100% all-natural flavorings in our US-made E Juices, for a vibrant, luscious and true-to-life vaping experience every time. We're also against senseless self-denial, believing that, as adults, our customers are perfectly capable of enjoying nicotine in a responsible, gratifying way. That's why we balk at a culture that encourages artificial, empty filler in place of satisfying sensory experience, all in the name of "dieting."
How many people do you know who list weight loss or weight management as a primary reason for continuing to smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes? And at what cost? Think of all the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke, none of which are present in Highbrow Vapor E Liquid.
What's more, all this obsession with weightloss--at any cost--may actually work against us. According to Helen Kollias, biologist and writer for, "for people struggling with their weight, how they see their body is just as important as--if not more important than--the biology of their body." So viewing yourself as some unworthy specimen who would do better to inhale empty calories and artificial, chemical flavors, rather than a happy, whole human being who deserves pleasurable, natural nourishment and can enjoy nicotine responsibly, will only serve to further the cycle of self-deprivation and shame.
We say: diet shmiet; eat a piece of cake! Better yet, try our new Caramel Cake E Liquid, a rich, indulgent flavor with bold vanilla bean and warm, subtle caramel flavors. Decadent, but never overly sweet, this E Liquid is smooth enough to vape all day, instead of counting calories. 

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