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Sweet Not Sugared

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e cig juiceIf you read this blog with any regularity (and why wouldn't you?), then you know we often mention that E Cigarettes are a great way to cut calories, for times when you're feeling peckish--craving a hit of flavor--but aren't actually hungry. Highbrow's delicious, 100% natural, American-made E Juices are a great alternative to mindless snacking.
They're also a great alternative to sugary soft-drinks. At a time of year when we're indulging in festive food left and right, and staring down those New Years resolutions, it's especially important to cut calories where we can and save room for what really counts (like Grandma's sweet potato pie). Liquid calories are an easy, and essential, target.
The sad truth is that Americans consume more calories from soft drinks than from any other specific food category. Data from Tufts University's Human Nutrition Research Center shows that about 10 percent of our energy, on average, comes from sugary drinks. And unlike Grandma's sweet potato pie, sugary drinks have no other nutritional value. They are the highest form of empty calories.
Furthermore, just as the negative side-effects of smoking are becoming clearer and more defined all the time, so too are the harmful consequences of drinking soda taking stage as a national issue. In study after study, soft drinks have been linked to elevated blood pressure, kidney damage, certain cancers (!), and of course obesity. So if you think you're doing yourself a favor by cutting out the smelly smoke, but are still sipping soda, then think again!
Of course, you could cut out BOTH, while still enjoying the happy high of nicotine and the tongue-tantalizing tastes of sugary drinks. How? Sweet Highbrow vapor, that's how! Smoke and sugar free, but full of flavor.
One scrumptiously sip-able E Liquid that we recommend for the chill winter months is our Coffee Bavarian Hazelnut Cream blend. This complex yet subtle blend combines premium roasted coffee flavor with soft vanilla cream and warm hazelnut undertones. It's sweet but not saccharin, making it mild enough to vape any time.
For a fresh, fruity beverage-inspired E Juice, try our Strawberry Lemonade blend, a request so popular that we had to make it into a Highbrow flavor! Infused with the fresh strawberries and citrus that grow year round in our region, California, this thirst-quenching E Liquid is refreshing, tangy, slightly sweet, and as natural as the fresh fruit that inspired it.
Those are just two of the many ways you can enjoy a sweet treat, without the sugar spike, and a fresh nicotine buzz without the stinky, stale smoke. Browse the Highbrow catalog for more mouth-watering flavor options, and contact us any time if there's a flavor you don't see and want to try.

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