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Immaculate Taste

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e cig juiceIt's a stimulating time of year, folks, with bright lights twinkling, familiar harmonies ringing through the air, thick with spices, and an abundance of rich, hearty foods, all cream and sugar and fresh-baked breads, not to mention fine wines and fresh fruit. We are so fortunate to have all of these creature comforts right at our fingertips, and the opportunity to share them all with loved ones makes it that much more special. But too much of a good thing can be just that--too much. Overwhelming stimulus can leave us numb to the earthly pleasures, if we are bombarded with them in rapid succession.
In gastronomy, chefs use palate cleansers to prevent flavor fatigue during multi-course meals--or to separate and define distinct tastes. This bite-sized, neutral-flavored nibble is like an eraser for the tongue, preparing it to experience the delicate subtleties and nuances between diverse dishes. Common palate cleansers include sorbet, bread and apple slices. In the east, pickled ginger is used between sushi pieces, and perfumeries use coffee beans to sniff between floral fragrances.
For you, our beloved Highbrow customers, we've compiled a list of clean, simple e liquid blends, intended to serve as both a literal and metaphorical palate cleanser. take a moment during this hectic season to breathe deeply and enjoy natural, uncomplicated Highbrow Vapor.
Start with something super simple, like Eve's Delight, a 100% naturally-flavored apple E liquid. Crisp, clean flavor with the slight sweetness of a red delicious. It's fresh, and refreshing.
Or complete your zen moment with Green Tea, an Asian-inspired, USA made E Liquid sourced from loose leaf white lilac green tea for a delicate floral note and slight grassy taste. When combined with just a hint of vanilla, this blend is smooth, sweet and aromatic. An invigorating and pure vapor experience.
For something a bit darker, try our Coffee Dark Roast blend. This e liquid is has the deep, rich flavor and intense aroma of a dark roast, with the smooth satisfying fullness of a light roast. This 100% natural E liquid promises true, bold coffee taste--nothing overly sweet or artificial. It's a perfect jump start to the senses, any time of day.
And for a burst of winter citrus, we suggest Limoncello, a delicious vapor that's been a family favorite for years. This E juice is zesty and exhilarating, a tangy-sweet reset to your senses. Take a moment during this hectic season to breathe deeply and enjoy natural, uncomplicated Highbrow Vapor.

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