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Can E-Cigarettes Really Help You Quit?

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e cig juiceThere are many reasons to try e cigarettes. You might simply want to try something new and see what all the buzz is about. Maybe you want a more fun, flavorful nicotine experience.Or maybe you're intrigued by the advantages of smokeless nicotine, such as being able to vape where smoking is banned--bars, clubs, even your own home! Maybe you want to lose weight and are using our delicious, all-natural e liquids as a sort of calorie-free treat between meals.
Or maybe you're trying to quit smoking, and see e cigs as a step along the route to going nicotine free. You wouldn't be the only one! But does it really work? The internet is constantly being updated with yet another article questioning the viability of vaping as a means to smoking cessation. However, much like similar articles challenging e cigarette legality, environmental impact and safety, it seems there are legitimate arguments being made in either direction.
However, some concrete research is starting to surface. According to, a study published in renowned medical journal The Lancet concluded that e-cigarettes were on par with nicotine patches, in terms of their ability to help smokers quit over a six-month period.
And with Highbrow Vapor's personal, customized approach to e liquids, you can easily dial down the nicotine content of your favorite vapor flavor from as high as 36 milligrams, down to 24, 18, 12, 6, and even zero. That's right--you can absolutely enjoy that little dose of "me time" that comes with your e cigarette break, minus the nicotine.
However, if you choose to pursue that nicotine buzz, e cigarettes will still make a huge difference in your pleasure to toxin ratio (i.e. more pleasure, fewer toxins). Stanton Glantz, director of the University of California, San Francisco Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, put it succinctly when he said, "There is no question that e-cigarettes deliver less toxins than conventional cigarettes." He estimates that  e cigs to have as little as one tenth the toxins of traditional smoking tobacco.
What's more, here at Highbrow, we make premium e liquids as part of a small, family business. So every delicious liquid we sell guarantees a top quality, all-natural, uncomparable nicotine (or nicotine-free!) vaping experience. And isn't that more appealing than stale, stinky, Big Tobacco toxic smoke? Whatever your reasons are for turning towards e cigarettes, and while the latest debates rage on, e liquids are simply a better option, in terms of flavor, usability, and content control.
So whether you're trying to quit, or trying to get more out of your nicotine hit, Highbrow Vapor can help you out.

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