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Benefits of Nicotine

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You read that right. After years of aggressive anti-cigarette campaigning, it's become so ingrained in our psyches that anything even remotely nicotine related must surely be harmful and hazardous. Yet many of the dangers we associate with nicotine are actually correlated to smoking and tobacco. Of course, as a small business offering smoke-free, tobacco-free e cigarette liquids, the distinction between cigarettes and nicotine is very important to us.
Over the past decade or so, new research has revealed more clearly how nicotine affects our brains and bodies, and much of it is good news! Here are some of the many ways in which nicotine has proven beneficial:
Alzheimer's: Research indicates a decreased incidence of Alzheimer's disease associated with nicotine intake. In one study, a group of Alzheimer's patients who were given nicotine patches to wear maintained their cognitive abilities longer, and some even recovered previously lost cognitive function. Those not given the patches experienced no such changes. Furthermore, these effects are thought to extend to non-Alzheimer's mental decline typically associated with aging.
Diabetes: a 2000 study at Stanford University revealed that, contrary to popularly held beliefs, nicotine actually boosts the growth of new blood vessels. This discovery has since sparked research into new treatments for diabetes and other diseases that involve poor circulation.
Depression: In 2006, scientists at Duke University observed that patients with depression reported a decrease in negative feelings after nicotine patch treatments. Now, this may seem as simple as the all-familiar nicotine "buzz," but actually, Duke researchers found a direct link between nicotine intake and an increased release of dopamine and seratonin, the "feel-good" chemicals in your brain.
Schizophrenia: The same nicotine-related dopamine regulation that helps out the depressed seems to work for those who are more seriously mentally troubled. Currently, pharmaceutical companies are testing drugs for potential use in treating schizophrenic patients.
In fact, we've really just touched the tip of the iceberg. While nicotine-derived drugs are not currently available for commercial use, many are in development and testing phases, aiming to treat everything from anxiety and depression to Tourette Syndrom, ADHD, or Parkinson's disease (as well as the ailments listed above).
Of course, you likely already know the almost magical healing powers of your daily vape-break. Now, you have research to support and justify your e cigarette enjoyment. And a myriad of delicious flavors to enhance this therapeutic pleasure. With Highbrow, it's nothing but benefits. So say goodbye to smokes and hello to Highbrow.

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