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Getting on an airplane without your e-cigarette can be a harrowing experience filled with security checks and  close inspection of your luggage. Going on vacation doesn't mean you have to leave your vaping supplies home either. The best way to travel by plane with an e-cigarette and e-juice is to follow these three rules of national and international flying

Rule # 1: Pack Only What You Need

When large quantities of the ejuice and vaping components (like batteries) are packed into your luggage or carry-on, you increase the likelihood of security taking notice and becoming suspicious.  This might result in it being confiscated or at least a confrontation with the security guard.  They'll want to know what the reason for all the liquid.  So, don't bring too any cartridges in your carry-on. Put the bulk in your luggage. 

Rule #2: Be Upfront About Your Vaping Supplies 

If you to get asked about your vaping supplies, don't lie or avoid answering. Tell them exactly what they are and how you use them. Most security officers know what they are and have seen them before. Dishonesty will only set them at odds with you and increase the likelihood that the materials will be confiscated.  Depending upon the security level of the airport, you may not be allowed to take your supplies on board or have to stow them in your luggage.   

Rule #3: Don't Smoke On-Board

If you reach the plane with your e-cigarette and e-juice still in your possession, don't let the urge to vape on the plane take control of your common sense. It's still against the law to vape or smoke on a plane. It's possible the vapor could irritate the lung of a person on-board, particularly if they have severe allergies or COPD. The vapor, itself, does not contain any irritants, but high altitudes and close quarters could make it more likely for the vapor to create medical issues for others.   Additionally, vaping in the cramped, smelly quarters of a plane's lavatory is not a pleasant experience.  If you must vape on the plane, you will need a letter of permission from the airplane company to join the mile-high vaping club. 

Quick Tip: Don't want to leave anything to chance on the day of the trip? Contact the airports in your itinerary  and ask about their procedures for vaping supplies. Do exactly as they suggest for each leg of your trip. This way you aren't as likely to have a negative encounter to ruin your trip.

When you head to exotic locales or just home for the holidays, you don't have to leave your vaping supplies behind. To fly without hassles, just follow these three simple rules - you'll be able to step outside the airport and vape with your favorite e-cig when you land. 



Your choices in e-juice flavors may tell the person next to you a little about who you are and the things you enjoy in life. Whether your favorite flavor is traditional, fruity or a decadent dessert, your personality likely shows with your choices.


Highbrowbacco - Cigar

You are a true classic inside and out. You probably favor waiting a bit over the need to run out and stand in an all-night line to get the latest, greatest high-tech gadget before everyone else does. You’re a family person and truly enjoy spending time with loved ones.

Vanilla Bourbon Bean

You likely surround yourself with very close friends. You enjoy being known as laid-back and having that tried-and-true personality that lets your friends and soul mate know who you are. You are accomplished but do not flaunt it.


You usually like to keep things on a light note and yet love to impress. You are sweet-as-can-be but with a twist. With your people-skills, you are sure to have many friends who enjoy just hanging out with you.

Dark Chocolate Mint

You have no deep, dark secrets…Ok, maybe a couple. You are a hopeless romantic and crave all the sweet things that life has to offer, so you probably do not feel guilty when you indulge in your sweetest desires.

Buttered Rum-and-then-some

So you are “all that and a bag of chips,” huh? It definitely shows. You probably admit to being a little on the high maintenance side but think you deserve it. You carry yourself well and people will likely admire you because you stand so tall, have a strong personality and can turn heads when you walk by.

Eve’s Delight

You are as natural as it gets. You will no-doubt always be a nature lover who enjoys the outdoors. Your delightful, care-free, fun-loving spirit shines through to everyone you meet.

Heavenly Macaroon

You enjoy that complex personality don’t you? Other people may even be a little envious because they have to work so hard at what comes natural to you. Sweet, yet sultry and sexy, even a little nutty when you want to be; you can win anyone over and never feel guilty about it.

Caramel Cake

If caramel cake is your favorite e-juice, you are apt to be bold, yet subtle at just the right time. You may be seen as self-indulgent, but you deserve it. So go ahead and indulge yourself with Caramel Cake.

Highbrowbacco - Menthol

You are so cool but you know when to hold back on the cool factor. You can easily put on your straight-face when at Sunday dinner with the family or in that important meeting, but after that, it is back to showing the great blend of qualities that gives you that perfect cool-factor.

All these flavors are great choices and may even reveal something about your personality. Do not limit yourself to just one favorite because there are many more choices that allow you to indulge in enjoying life’s little moments.


Many of us smoked tobacco for years because we believed it helped us to relax. The ritual of lighting up, the taste of the first drag, the feel of the nicotine in our systems was unforgettable. Vaping provides an alternative to cigarettes that offers many of the same relaxing rituals.  



Create a Mindset for Relaxation

One of the quickest ways to beat stress with the aide of a vape is to re-create that smoking ritual you enjoy with cigarettes.  Make your vaping just as deliberate an act as smoking a cigarette. Try carrying your vape in a small decorative case. When you remove it from the case, do so mindful of your actions. Think ahead to the delicious flavor you will soon be enjoying.

Place it into your mouth and enjoy the feel of the vapor as you inhale. Perhaps you wish to roll it around your mouth to savor the flavor a bit more. Feel it hit your throat just right. Pull it into your lungs and finally, exhale slowly. Now that is pleasure and relaxation in your pocket!

Taste the Flavor

With a vape, you are in complete control of the flavors in your machine. Many people will turn to sweet flavors such as chocolate, peach or cherry when stressed. A vape provides all of the flavor and relaxation with none of the calories or sugar.

The Nicotine Rush

Most of us enjoy nicotine in our vape brews. For those of us who enjoy nicotine, it can be one of the high points of vaping. So select your favorite nicotine strength at the end of a long hard day to help unwind. There is no tobacco tar or smell that may offend those around you. Just sit back in your favorite place and indulge yourself in a nicotine haze.

A Place For Your Hands

Stress can make you want to do something active. But there are times when you just cannot move about as you'd like to. Holding and manipulating your vape while enjoying a session can go far in relieving your physical and emotional tensions. 

De-Stress Nearly Anywhere

A vape is much more socially acceptable then tobacco products. Most people will not bat an eye at a small device and its modest vapor cloud in most public places. You should always ask before vaping if you are in an enclosed public space. That said, few things are as relaxing and enjoyable as vaping as you go about the business of your day.

Have a Lazy Day

You can vape in the creature comforts of your own home as you indulge in a little bit of sloth. Pair up a custom vape flavor to your favorite junk food and just sprawl out and enjoy a movie marathon or cheer your favorite team on. Few things beat the stress of the workday week like a day spent unwinding and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Public VapingMany people take up vaping because, unlike tobacco products, using a vaporizer is legal in most public places. They enjoy the freedom to enjoy their product of choice when and where they like. But to keep our freedom to vape freely we must learn about those few restrictions that do exist while acting responsibly to avoid more.

Legal Restrictions

There are a few legal restrictions on vaping that every vaper should be aware of. You cannot vape on a plane or most buses, for example. Many federal and state buildings are also tougher on vapers then other locations. Schools and places with many children may also have tighter restrictions. Remember, if in doubt, ask!

Education and Acceptance

If you are in a place where vaping is allowed, try to keep it that way. Remember, not everyone knows what a vape is and may distrust that strangely complex little device of yours. You may have to answer a few questions from time to time from curious smokers and non-smokers alike. Take it as a compliment and educate away. People are less likely to fear and want to ban something they understand.

A Question Of Etiquette

Don't vape in front of small children. Many parents will not know or care that your device is not a tobacco product. All they will care about is the cloud of vapor near their child. Parents will also complain loudly to those who make the policies if pushed.

Vaping inside restaurants is a touchy subject.. Always ask about the policy of that individual restaurant before indulging. Some restaurants will allow it any time, others ban it completely. Still other eateries allow it only at certain times of the day.

Don't light up inside a movie theater or other indoor performance. The vapor will interfere with the projector. If you have an e-cigarette with a lighted tip than those near you will be distracted. If you are at a live performance it is also best to avoid vaping if the room is dark.

Finally, don't be a 'cloud chaser' in public. A cloud chaser is a person who uses a vaporizer that can help him puff lovely large clouds of 'smoke', much like a medieval dragon. Many people enjoy these devices. Some even complete with others to create the biggest and best clouds they can. The problem is that many non-vapers do not enjoy the spectacle if it is in public space. To many, it is tantamount to blowing smoke in their faces. This is one mis-understanding that is easy to avoid. While vaping in a vaporizer-friendly public place use a device that releases just a small puff of vapor. Save your cloud chasing for those who will appreciate it.

It's Up to All of Us

In the end, common sense and consideration will go far to preserving our freedom to vape. Choose your battles wisely. Keep your cool while educating others about how a vaporizer works and what it releases as 'smoke'. In the end, the preservation of vaping freedom will be well worth it.

Tasty e-cig liquid is one of the biggest benefits to vaping. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, a vaporizer can be filled up with the liquid that you prefer; personalizing and enhancing the vaping experience. It can come in flavors that one would never expect, like desserts, candies or even delicious fruit juices. In fact, many people love to call it 'ejuice' because it is so versatile. 
A Great Treat
Non traditional flavors that remind one of food can have other benefits, from morning to night. A clean and bright minty flavor is great in the morning after breakfast, to cleanse the palate. A fresh fruity flavor is wonderful mid day for a fast pick me up on the go.  A devilish cappuccino flavor may compliment your lunch nicely. A delicious chocolaty ejuice can be a stress relieving treat after a long day at work. 
Sometimes it can be very hard to deny yourself a little sweet treat day after day. This is where a delicious ejuice flavor can be helpful. Many tasty ejuice flavors are available that taste just like those foods. Just the taste of the forbidden treat is enough for many people.  
Many Taste Sensations 
A vaper can pick and choose flavors to suit his mood and tastes on any particular day. Sophisticated and complex tastes with full flavor ejuice sensations are enjoyed, as desired. These three flavors are complex; suitable for the person of taste who has a desire to try something off the beaten path. 
A Daily Treat of Rich Pomegranate
Pomegranate is a complex flavor. It is sweet, but tart. It is tangy, satisfying, and delicious. 
This ejuice is made of 100% natural fruit juices harvested from the finest of fruits. Unlike many phony fruit flavors, it is not overly sweet or fake tasting. Instead, it provides all of the satisfaction of a full glass of pomegranate juice in a vape. This flavor is rich and full-bodied. It will leave the taste of pomegranates on your lips and hit your throat just right. 
Real juice flavors are a favorite with vapers who love fresh and interesting things. Tasty flavors like out pomegranate are perfect for an everyday experience at any time. It goes well with other food flavors and compliments meals nicely.
A Daily Refreshment of Chai Tea
Our chai tea ejuice is made with natural oils and flavorings for a richly authentic taste. The smooth flavor of black tea is skillfully mingled with cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom and nutmeg for a rich and satisfying vape experience. This ejuice takes all of the positives of a rich tea shop chai and puts it into your pocket and at your disposal. 
Chai tea ejuice is prefect for an after dinner vape. Like the tea, this ejuice is rich, complex and delicious. Many people love to use it as their everyday vape; the taste is just that smooth and refreshing. For others, it is the perfect flavor for relaxing with friends or family. 
The Decadent Delicacy of Dark Chocolate
Every person needs an indulgent treat. Dark chocolate ejuice is everything you need in a chocolate ejuice flavor. It is rich, and like natural dark chocolate, has a slight bitter note that plays perfectly with the sweet earthy flavors of natural cocoa. This ejuice flavor will hit your mouth with its wonderful refined flavor slowly and build to a perfect culmination of taste. You will want to lick your lips, it is just that good.
Dark chocolate ejuice is a favorite for lazy days at home, just enjoying a good tasty vape. Many vapers also use this ejuice daily for an after dinner delight. 
Many Flavors, Many Choices
Each one of our flavors is mixed up to order. Your taste and style are all your own; your ejuice flavor should be as well. Try a little cream and sugar in your chai, a little cherry in your chocolate, or even a bit of orange in your pomegranate. Your vaping experience should be varied and flavorful, much like your life.

After a long winter, most people are looking forward to the warm summer months that bring with them more time to spend outdoors. If you have made the switch to e-cigarettes, you no doubt cannot wait to take your e cig outside and start enjoying the nice warmer air. Summer also is the perfect time to try to new refreshing liquid flavors for your e-cig. These flavors are light and refreshing and provide the perfect tastes for the outdoors.

Below is a look at the top six flavors that you should try out this summer, if you have not tried them already. These liquid flavors are sure to please and may even move to the top of your favorites list.


1.    Strawberry Lemonade

Nothing says summer better than a nice cold glass of lemonade, except maybe strawberry lemonade. This amazing flavor is not only one of the most popular among e-cigarette smokers, but is the perfect refreshing flavor for summer. You can easily relax in your back yard or patio with this flavor, or take it with you while you are on the go. Either way, you will not be disappointed with the light, refreshing taste this flavor provides.

2.    Watermelon

One of the best ways to end any great summer picnic in the park is to slice down a nice juicy watermelon. The watermelon e-flavor produces the same tantalizing flavor that a watermelon will. Just one taste of the great flavor will bring back memories of any given summer day. Best of all, these amazing flavor will taste great throughout your smoke and is likely to rise to one of the top on your favorites list after just one try.

3.    Green Tea

You may not expect to see green tea on a summer favorites lists, but the green tea flavor provides so many health benefits it is hard to leave off any list. Green tea has been proven to boost your health, improve your heart, increase your energy level, and reduce stress. This all adds up to the perfect combination. After all, you want to be at your best during the summer so you can get out there and enjoy everything the great weather can provide.

 4.    Eve’s Delight

Apples and apple pie is basically synonymous with summer. These great juices in apples really comes out in the flavor of this popular e cig flavor. If you want a great flavor that allows you to just sit back and enjoy your e cig, Eve’s Delight is the right choice for you. Its amazing fruity flavors will bring peace and serenity to any summer day, whether you are sitting outside enjoying the summer, or resting peacefully indoors with the air conditioning. 

5.    Coconut    

When you think about a tropical vacation, you are likely to envision drinking right from the coconut shell while enjoying the white sandy beaches. This coconut flavor will allow you to bring a little paradise right to your home. It provides a rich and creamy e liquid flavor that helps set the tone for a relaxing day in your own paradise. The flavor is perfect to take along on any vacation whether you are heading to a tropical island or not.

6.    Dark Chocolate Mint

No list of summer favorites would be complete without a dessert on the list. This flavor has the perfect blend of dark chocolate, crème de menthe and vanilla to provide a superb flavor. If you are a chocolate lover, this is a must try flavor that may even become your daily pleasure, at least during the summer months. It offers a cool and refreshing flavor that is perfect for any summer day.

All of these six great flavors are perfect for the summer months, and all year long. In fact, you do not have to wait for summer to try any of these amazing flavors; you can try them right now. This may not officially make summer come any faster, but it can make you feel like summer has already arrived. If you have not tried this great flavors yet, make a point of giving them a try this summer and see if they are able to make your top favorites list. You are likely to discover that while these flavors are perfect for the summer months, they are also great to use during the other seasons, as well.

Life for e cig batteries used to be short lived. Some batteries lasted longer than others, but finding a battery that lasted for more than few hours was next to impossible. Today's models last much longer. In fact, your e cig juice will run out long before your battery dies.
Of course, when the battery does wear out, it's not extremely expensive to replace it. However, getting the most value out of your investment is important. Replacing your batteries before their time is akin to wasting money. We want you to get the most out of your investment, so here are a few tips to ensure you do.
Properly Store Your Battery
This may seem obvious, but you should always use common sense when caring for your batteries. But you won't believe how many times we've heard about people doing the following:
  • Soaking batteries in Windex
  • Leaving batteries on the radiator
  • Storing e juice and e cigs in the fridge to bring out flavor
You did what? Okay, so maybe these might be off the wall instances, but it is possible to get careless and forget that heat, humidity, and moisture can cut your battery's lifespan dramatically. Always store batteries away from harm's way and out of the reach of children and pets. Don't store your e cig in the bathroom, and don't vape in the shower.
Keep Your Battery Charged
No, you should not let your battery drain fully before recharging. Newer rechargeable batteries aren't negatively affected by topping off. Topping off is less stressful for the battery and this method requires less power to get the battery back up to full charge. Keeping your battery fully charged at all times will help you avoid getting caught out with a pocket full of dead batteries. Always be prepared.
Keep Your Battery Clean
Using your e cig properly involves keeping cartridges and batteries as clean as possible. However, things happen. You can drop your e cig, or store it upside down. Also, over time your batteries will get dirty. E juice leaks and condensation can cause battery grime. If your battery and cartridge aren't kept clean, your relationship with your e cig will be short. A small amount of maintenance can help keep your investment in working order.
You Have to Use Your E Cig!
One of the most commonly overlooked realities of keeping your battery in working order is actually using the device. Your e cig is not a classic car. It won't increase in value with age. Your device is like a machine that needs regular exercise. The more the e cig is used, the better it will work. Don't save your device for a rainy day. E cigs were designed to be used, don't keep trying to hoard a collection of vintage e cigs. All you're doing is wasting money. Batteries aren't that expensive. Feel free to stock up on e cig batteries, and keep a few fully charged batteries lying around so you can experience uninterrupted enjoyment of your e cig.
Finally, one of the best things about these e cigs is that there are so many juices available via the website. Your e cig won't have a chance to languish with all these flavors to try. Chai tea, cheesecake torte, caramel, blueberry, and Belgian waffles are only some of the most delicious flavors that we offer our customers. You'll never be bored with all this variety, so keep those batteries charged and in good working order, because we definitely have some treats in store for you.
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