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Groundhog Day is the perfect time to vape.  Relax while you wait for our furry friend to tell us if we have six more weeks of winter left while you enjoy a caramel or vanilla infused e-cigarette.  Whether you're hoping for an early spring or more crisp, cold weather, we have the the perfect e-juice to fit your mood.

History of Groundhog Day

Groundhog day, February 2nd, hаs а long history оf folklore оn whісh thе practice оf observing animals tо predict thе changes іn weather hаs bееn based. Fоr centuries, many people think that thаt animals соntаіn а сеrtаіn intuition thаt better prepares thеm tо identify changes іn weather аnd other natural occurrences. Аs early аs thе 5th century, thе Celts believed thаt animals contained this intuition thаt enabled thеm tо predict future weather patterns. Тhеsе supernatural powers wеrе оnlу active during a certain window of time, during the half-way point bеtwееn thе Winter Solstice аnd Spring Equinox. Іt wаs іmроrtаnt tо bе аblе tо predict whеthеr оr nоt thе spring season wаs lіkеlу tо соmе early іn order tо best predict thе proper sowing time fоr thе crops іn thе fields. If seeds were planted too late or too early, it might cause a problem with future crops.

How It Became An American Tradition

In German folklore, іt wаs sаіd thаt іf thе badger саmе оut оf hіs winter den tоо early, hе wоuld bе frightened bу hіs shadow аnd retreat bасk inside fоr fоur tо sіх additional weeks. Іn France аnd Britain, thе bear wаs thе animal believed tо hаvе thе ability tо gauge thе еnd оf winter. Аs German аnd British immigrants саmе оvеr tо America, іt іs lіkеlу thаt thеу replaced thе badger аnd thе bears wіth thе groundhog bесаusе groundhogs wеrе mоrе plentiful іn thе nеw country.

The first groundhog day was celebrated in 1887 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania when a local newspaper editor was hunting with friends and came across a groundhog emerging from his hole.  They decided that the groundhog ran back inside it's hole because he had seen his shadow and that predicted that meant six more weeks of winter.  

Whether you celebrate groundhog day by watching the movie, Groundhog Day, or tuning in to the live news coverage of Punxsutawney Phil emerging from his hole, you can bet that the day will be even better with your favorite e-juice.   What's your prediction?

Combine an American tradition with the new technology of e-cigarettes and vaping. Being the high tech replacement for traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes is the perfect marriage with the Super Bowl. Custom flavors are the cornerstone of e-cigarettes, as you can enjoy your nicotine fix with the infused flavors of your favorite fruits, desserts, and pastries. Like football cards, you can start your own collection of e-cigarette flavors and fusions.

The History Of The Unofficial Holiday: The Super Bowl

Іn thе bеgіnnіng, thе Super Bowl wаs hаrdlу thе cultural extravaganza thаt wе nоw enjoy аs а virtual national holiday. Іn fact, іn thе bеgіnnіng, thе Super Bowl wаsn't еvеn thе Super Bowl. Іt wаs mеrеlу thе AFL-NFL Wоrld Championship Game, а hastily organized affair played in an almost empty stadium іn Los Angeles іn January 1967.

Тhе game grew оut оf merger negotiations rесеntlу completed bеtwееn twо competing football leagues thаt hаd spent thе 1960s fighting fоr thе attention оf America's sports fans. Тhе National Football League, whісh hаd bееn аrоund sіnсе thе 1920s, catered to football traditionalists whіlе thе newer American Football League offered а mоrе high-scoring, immersive version оf thе game thаt appealed tо younger fans. Іn 1966, аftеr many years of rivalry bеtwееn thе NFL аnd AFL, thе twо leagues' owners hammered оut аn agreement tо merge іntо оnе unified organization: thе modern NFL. Аt thе time оf thе 1966 merger agreement, hоwеvеr, bоth thе AFL аnd NFL hаd tо honor separate television contracts thаt mаdе full integration оf thе twо leagues impossible untіl the early 1970s. Іn thе mеаntіmе, thе teams thаt won еасh league's separate playoffs wоuld meet еасh January іn а single, end-of-season game tо crown а true national champion. Тhаt game, which was initially coined as the "AFL-NFL Wоrld Championship Game", quickly bесаmе knоwn аs thе Super Bowl. Аnd thе rest, аs thеу sау, іs history.

Where Did "Super Bowl" Come From: The Fіrst "Real" Superbowl

Super Bowl III, played іn Miami іn January 1969, wаs thе fіrst championship game officially called "thе Super Bowl" bу thе NFL. Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt—whose children hаd rесеntlу bееn playing wіth аn unusually bouncy rubber toy ball called thе "Super Ball"—coined thе term "Super Bowl" аs а kind оf jokey internal shorthand fоr thе AFL-NFL Wоrld Championship Game. And it kind of just stuck amongst players and football fans.

So when you and your pals gather around to watch the Super Bowl, impress them with your knowledge of how the game came to be.  And if you educate them with a good vape in hand?  Even more impressive!  Contact us to learn more about or e-cigarettes and our ejuice. You can browse our catalog of delicious e-juice flavors. We encourage a fusion of flavors for the best e-cigarette experience!

We bet you didn't know that January was the National Hobby Month, or maybe you did know! If you have yet to start a hobby, there's never been a better time than right now to kick off the New Year and start a new vaping hobby. Can vaping be considered a hobby? Why, sure it can!

With so many available varieties of vaping juice available for vaping enthusiasts, you can start your very own collection of e-juice. Collect flavors for every month, every season, and every holiday - collect them all!

What's even better yet is that we offer you the opportunity to help us custom create e-juice flavors, making it a hobby that you can truly get involved in other than just building a collection. So this New Year, maybe you could add starting a new hobby to your list of resolutions.

A Little History about National Hobby Month

First off, just what defines a hobby? A hobby is just about anything that you enjoy doing or collecting. It is any activity that an enthusiast of the said activity takes place in merely for the fun of it, while relaxing and having a good time. It's something that you do at your leisure when you're not overrun from the day-to-day stresses of life.

Did you know that keeping a hobby is a great way to lift spirits and to get you motivated? It's also a great way to increase our inner creativity. So back to National Hobby Month; this annual celebration made its first debut back in 1955.

Interestingly enough, January was not the first pick for the celebration's month. It started off as an April celebration and then later in 1976, it became an October celebration, when finally, in 1987 it made its January debut.

Just how is Vaping Considered a Hobby - What defines a hobby per se

Because a hobby is anything that is considered to be enjoyable to the participant, vaping makes a great hobby to start for anyone with a love for vaping juice. With your newfound vaping hobby, not only can you build a collection of vaping accessories and e-juice, but you can also share and trade tips with other vaping enthusiasts as well.

If you're going to build a collection of e-juice, you'll want to make sure to include all of your favorite e-juices as well as what's hot and trending. Get your collection started for the New Year with some of our all-time favorites like our Dark Chocolate Mint e-juice and our Heavenly Macaroon e-juice.

And don't forget some of our newest flavors hot off the press like our 5-Star rated sweet and tangy Raspberry e-juice which would make a wonderful addition to your summer collection, or our decadent caramel flavored Caramel Cake e-juice just in-time and perfect for the month of January. These two flavors are our latest projects here at Highbrow Vapor and you've just got to give them a try if you have yet to do so.

Furthermore, if you're going to start a brand new collection of e-juices, then you just have to help us to create hot new custom flavors to add to your very own collection. Vaping is a great hobby to start; it's fun, it's unique, it's flavorful and last, but certainly not least -- it's relaxing.

One thing's for sure about the month of January, , it's one of the coldest months of the year. But in spite of the cold and the frigid winter winds that leave faces chapped and noses rosie red, January is also one of the best months of the year. Why? Well, first of all, it's the first month of the year. This is a month full of renewed hope and excitement marking the start of a brand new year with worldwide New Year's Eve and New Year's Day celebrations quietly or publicly taking place everywhere.When the January Winds Blow: Warm Up with the Vaping Flavors of Winter

One thing's for sure about the month of January, brrrr, it's one of the coldest months of the year. But in spite of the cold and the frigid winter winds that leave faces chapped and noses rosie red, January is also one of the best months of the year. Why? Well, first of all, it's the first month of the year. This is a month full of renewed hope and excitement marking the start of a brand new year with worldwide New Year's Eve and New Year's Day celebrations quietly or publicly taking place everywhere.

It provides us with countless opportunities for many new beginnings and chances to start life over again. Most of us make our annual New Year's resolutions that we hope to commit to throughout the up-and-coming year, and many brave New Yorkers stand outside in the freezing cold to watch the ball drop in New York City's Time Square.

This is the month where we tuck away our decorations from Christmas and start to prepare for the next holiday -- Valentine's Day. And as the end of the month steadfastly approaches, we then enter the middle of winter. With the middle of winter, we welcome cold January winter winds, ice, snow, and thoughts of spring.

At this point, many of us greatly anticipate the possible early arrival of spring later in March. We'll have some idea just how early spring will arrive next month when the infamous groundhog makes his annual appearance to either see his shadow or to not see his shadow. Our hopes for spring lie in this little critter's hands. But for now, though, as the cold winter winds blow, we look for any way that we can to warm up.

Baby It's Cold Outside

While the January winds blow, there is plenty that you can do to keep warm. Sure, you can crank the heat up. You can start a warm fire at the fireplace, and you can dress in layers, snuggling up by the fire with the warmest slippers you that you likely found at your favorite store. But while you're sitting by that warm fire, why not warm up with a good vape, too?

There's just nothing quite like snuggling up inside with the heat cranked up as you enjoy a good vape while the cold winds blow outside. Vaping is the perfect way to get the day started or to end your day on a cold winter's day. Even better yet is to enjoy a good vape after a warm January meal.

Our Favorite Vaping Flavors for the Month of January

Kick off the New Year with a slice of caramel cake minus all of the calories when you vape with our newest flavor - Caramel Cake! And if you have yet to try our Egg Nog flavored e-juice, now is the time to get it while it's hot before the arrival of your favorite spring e-juice flavors. It's certainly not too late for egg nog in the month of January. Let's face it; it's never too late for egg nog. It may be too late at your local grocers, but not here!

And if you're looking for something tasty to help you get warmed up when starting your day before you head out the door to work or school, then how about our flavorful Bavarian Hazelnut Cream Coffee? What a savory day to start the day.

And, finally, to finish your day after supper, the Buttered Rum and Then Some e-juice is a must have in every home this January. Warm rum is sure to hit the spot after a nice hot meal while those cold winds blow outside. And, last but not least, for the pipe smoker at heart, why not warm up by the fire with the flavorful flavor of our Highbrowbacco Exotic Blend e-juice.

Remember, you can enjoy e-juice without nicotine too and don't forget to join in on the action of helping us to create new custom flavors. Custom create your own and just maybe you'll see it on one of our lists of new and top flavors this spring or summer!

Are you excited about 2015 yet? You may be already making plans for the new year ahead and rightfully so. Everyone is in the midst of formulating their New Year's resolutions. When it comes to making your New Year's resolutions, are you including vaping in the mix? If not, you could be missing out. You want to make sure that you fit your vape in to the brand new year's activities. Here are exciting ways that you could get your vape on throughout the year.

New Year's Day

At the start of the new year, put your bubbly aside for one second and try the sophisticated taste of Amaretto Amore. Vape with this e-juice to savor a bittersweet taste found in the very best amaretto liqueur. Sing Auld Lang Syne to the hint of a delicate almond and apricot flavor mingled with burnt sugar.

The Big Game

When it's time for the big game, grab some Highbrowbacco - Cigar e-juice and put it to the side as you root your team on. When your team wins, you can vape with your celebratory Highbrowbacco - Cigar flavor as you watch the trophy ceremony. No nachos needed.

Valentine's Day

When it's time for Valentine's Day - the day of love - you want a vape that says it all. Nothing does this better than the Tiramisu e-juice. After all, tiramisu means "pick me up" in Italian. Provide this e-juice to your beloved for a quick love pick me up with its hint of bitter chocolate, mascarpone, and espresso.

4th of July

When the dog days of summer roll around, indulge your taste for refreshment with a Watermelon vape. With its crisp, clean, and slightly sweet taste, the Watermelon e-juice will provide you with refreshing and smooth notes on a hot summer day. Additionally, you may choose to quench your thirst with a Strawberry Lemonade vape. With the fresh taste of strawberries and citrus notes, the Strawberry Lemonade vape will refresh your taste buds with its slightly sweet and tangy notes.

Autumn and Thanksgiving

When autumn arrives at your doorstep, savor the visual delights of colorful autumn leaves. A Caramel vape hearkens caramel apples in the fall as well as caramel candies from a trick-or-treat Halloween haul. So realistic is the flavor is this vape that you will think that you are actually indulging in the chewy goodness and brown sugar undertones of this autumn candy. For Thanksgiving, indulge in an Apricot vape. This e-juice will make you remember and anticipate warm apricot pie at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Holiday Season

With the holiday season, you have come full circle, with your planning. When holiday season 2015 rolls around again, toast the season with an Eggnog vape. This treat will provide you with a combo of cream, milk, and sugar, whipped cream, eggs - of course - and a touch of nutmeg. Follow your Eggnog vape with some Buttered Rum and-Then-Some vape. This vape is the perfect blend of vanilla bean, hazelnut, and buttered rum. Toast the holidays with these two delightful flavors.

If there's such a thing as a man for all seasons, then there is definitely, a vape for all seasons as well. The above tips will help you plan 2015 with your vape in mind. There are so many ways to incorporate it that you just have to use your imagination as a guide. Here's to a happy and prosperous 2015!

As the New Year beckons, it’s time to swap your old, tattered monthly calendar for a fresh, crisp and glossy one. This is a time for change; hopefully, for the better. But this is also a time when traditions, customs and quirky superstitions take center stage in the yearly festive preparations. On New Year’s Eve, old and new interact and blend to change the antiquated notion that New Years’ Eve is spent by the fireplace, at the warmth of a crackling fire. Nowadays, we greet the New Year with the fumes of a velvety vape, but we can still appreciate the intoxicating aromas of mulled wine and the richness of a party pud. Hence, e-juices with a festive touch are very popular this time of year.

Setting the Scene

The festivities may begin as soon you bring out your e-juice collection and get your vape on. Not only will your celebration be 100% smoke-free, but you’ll also be diffusing the most delightful fragrances into the room. Wash down the sweet taste of cinnamon and the pungency of a clover e-juice with a sip of sparkling wine, and your stage is set.

The Final Countdown

You may have run out of eggnog, but fear not. Your taste buds will not go without the sweet holiday treat for long because eggnog e-juice is here to tend to your vaping cravings. And of course, you could always titillate your palate by alternating between the eggnog and the orange de sangre e-juice. This sweet and sour blend is just what you need to relish in before you settle down to watch the countdown.

The Clock Strikes Midnight

As the Ball Drop in Times Square ushers in the New Year, you may be hoping for a kiss from your better half. If so, a menthol e-juice should do just the trick. Vanilla is also said to chase away the spirit of Christmas breath past, so don’t shy away from relying heavily on the enticing perfume of a vanilla e-juice. With hugs and kisses galore shared between friends and family, a toast is due. Because bubbly goes best with something sweet, treat your taste buds and best buds with the scrumptious scent of chocolate vapes. Its aroma will open up your appetite in a flash, and you’ll need all the help you can get to gobble down those tasty treats. But as much as you love the fragrance, don’t forget to open the back door to let the old year leave, and to welcome the New Year, as per tradition.


When you gaze and wonder at the fabulous spectacle of fireworks welcoming the New Year, you may want to keep winter’s cold clutches at bay. As soon as you start puffing away at the buttered rum and-then-some e-juice, you’ll feel it warm you up from within, just like your hopes for the New Year.

New Year Resolutions

Speaking of hopes, no doubt you’re working out your New Years’ resolutions list. If not giving into your culinary cravings this festive season ranks high among your resolutions, no doubt a tiramisu, heavenly macaroon, chocolate cake, or crème brûlée vape will see you through your greatest moments of temptation.

Gift Giving

Most importantly, the festive season is a time for sharing, so indulge into the many aromas of Highbrow vapor juices, but also share with your nearest and dearest, because these e-liquids are gifts worth giving.

There’s nothing like the flavors and aromas of the Holidays. With Christmas right around the corner, you have probably run into trouble finding a last minute - but unique - gift for some people on your shopping list. You could probably go the traditional route and get Uncle Bob a sausage sampler, and Aunt Rose some candles. But what better way to bring cheer to your family and friends than with an awesome – and unique - variety of Holiday e-juice flavors that are excellent year round? Highbrow Vapor is your one-stop shop for the latest and greatest e-juice flavors.

After Dinner Drinks, Anyone?

For that special someone who enjoys an after-dinner drink, they would love our Amaretto Amore. With the flavor of premium amaretto, it would be adored by whoever receives it, just as you would be! For someone who isn’t amorous about Amaretto, perhaps they would revel with our Buttered Rum and-Then-Some. With a complex mix of flavors, this vape will surely please the stoutest of jolly old fellows. Not everyone enjoys the fine taste of liquor. For those who enjoy the more traditional flavors, such as Eggnog, we've got just the ticket. We've created our own special version of Eggnog that all those who love vaping will enjoy!

Christmas Morning Breakfast

Ah, Christmas morning! All the presents have been opened. Breakfast has been served. Now would be the perfect time to enjoy our Cappuccino Diablo. You’ll get the true, robust flavor of coffee with this e-juice. We’ll gladly sweeten this up for you – just let us know when ordering. If you’re still feeling hungry, why not try the Belgian Waffle e-juice. All the scrumptious flavors of waffle, cinnamon and maple are sure to fill you up with a warm, wonderful feeling.

Time for Brunch!

What would a Holiday brunch be without some festive, seasonal fruit? Our Grandpa Dave’s Pomegranate can fill that ticket for you. Enjoy the flavor of one of the season’s finest fruits in this sweet, yet tangy e-juice. The quality of our Grandpa Dave’s Pomegranate is unsurpassed.

When the Holiday festivities are winding down, why not celebrate with our enticing Caramel Cake e-juice? This flavor has the right touch of sweetness to it make your great gifts of the season even sweeter yet.

As you can see, Highbrow Vapor has something to please for everyone on your list. Our fruit, dessert, and drink flavors will be quite the hit on the Holiday scene. For those who aren’t into all these awesome flavors, we also have the Highbrowbacco blends. Check out all of wonderful flavors at Highbrow today.

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