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There is one somewhat tangible thing about the "sphere of a Peach Blossom" - the very thought of a Peach blossom might bring the memory of its essence back to mind in a way that you actually experience it. Suddenly, from memory, one is able to recall this magnificent state, as you draw in a light and soothing breath - its enjoyable fragrance; similar to when your mouth waters at the thought of some fresh and delicious fruit, like an orange for example.

The smell of a peach blossom could be thought of as ENJOYABLE as opposed to perpetually ALLURING or MYSTERIOUS since, after smelling this wonderful scent, you might decide that you want more. You have pulled back your nostrils from its petals and anthers; your hand then moves to reach out and grab the branch to take the peach blossom home with you. As your fingers touch the wooden texture of the tree branches, the back of your hand grazes quite a different sensation altogether, discovering instead, the very soft texture of what you know to be a juicy, delicious, and very edible fruit!

March 3rd

In the Untied States the beautiful and blooming peach tree is plentiful in the states of South Carolina and Georgia. Moving northward through the country is the domain of the renowned cherry blossoms of Washington D.C.. Peach Blossom tradition indicates that upon the day of the blossom, that the fruit of the tree is to be enjoyed in every way possible. Peach blossom martinis, peach blossom desserts, or perhaps a delicious Peach Blossom Vape.  Like the crisp and clean pleasure of the Peach Thybra, this ejuice is created naturally from the reduction of fresh peaches. Or perhaps you would like to remain more neighborly in your celebratory pursuits, and would opt for instead the juicy full-bodied flavor of the Black Cherry Dulcet. For those who enjoy Black Cherries in particular, the Amaretto Amore, a distinctive cherry/ almond flavor without tart, is also recommended.

What if it were possible to celebrate the beauty of flowers and the blooming season of spring by creating a city- landmark-sized shrine of flowers? Something large enough to place thousands of flowers inside. What if you owned a small building made completely of glass that was positioned in the middle of a bifurcated road? It could have a square cottage-style shingle roof, or even a sod roof of lushly green grass; and it would be filled completely with peach blossoms or with all assortments of beautiful flowers in colors like cherry red and tangerine. The flower shrine would look like an enormous vase of flowers for everyone that people would stop and look at from their cars and in the streets.   Happy day…

In Japan, Peach Blossom Day refers to the Japanese Doll Festival Momo no sekku, a very important event, which is a day of praying for a young girl's well-being and happiness. In Hunan China is the Peach Festival celebrating the annual blossom. The peach tree itself is native to China and South Asia. It is a deciduous tree which produces flowers in the early spring. Next come its leaves of green, and finally, the velvety pastel, juicy and magnificent peach fruit. What a dream!

Winter got you down? Now that the fun and festivities of December are over, it's back to the same old grind again (unless of course you're lucky enough to have a mid-winter tropical vacation booked)!

Yup, it's that dreaded time of year when the real holiday hangover sets in - credit card bills have arrived, and you might be sporting a few additional, unwanted pounds courtesy of all those irresistible holiday sweets and adult beverages! Even if you managed to make it to the New Year without any extra belly baggage by sticking to your workout routine, the usual January overcrowding at the gym makes it tough to get buff in peace (let alone actually score a parking spot at your favorite fitness facility)!

Sure, the days are starting to get a bit longer, but if you live anywhere North of the equator, you'll be spending more time in the dark than the daylight for a few more months. Cabin fever can strike even the heartiest among us; it's seriously tough to get excited about being stuck inside the house for days on end, and when you do step out to brave the elements, chances are good you're spending your hard-earned 'leisure' time chipping ice of the sidewalk, boosting dead car batteries or cleaning up the yard after yet another mid-winter storm.....

Battle Those Mid-Winter Blues With A Satisfying Vape!

It's weird how the shortest of all the seasons can feel like the longest - after all, on paper winter is the shortest of the four seasons! While we can't rush the arrival of spring (trust us, we've tried...) we can help you survive these long, cold and dark months by offering you the best e-juice on the market!

Here at Highbrow Vapor, we fight back against ole' man winter by indulging in the smoothest, most satisfying e-juices on the planet - ours!

Around here, we love to kick back and remember those long, lazy days of summer with a satisfying summer-inspired vape like our smooth, sweet and lemon-y Limoncello, our field-fresh Blueberry e-juice or our juicy Watermelon! These premium e-juices literally taste like summer - seriously!

So instead of stressing about when the next storm is going to arrive, why not tune out the weatherman (seriously, that guy is wrong most of the time anyhow....) and browse our awesome selection of premium-quality e-juices and vaping supplies. We're sure you'll find some great e-juices that you can use to fortify your winter survival vaping kit!

Ever had a craving for chocolate after eating a big plate of gumbo during Mardi Gras? All that salty pork sausage, shrimp, chicken and okra overloading your tastebuds with the sharp flavor of pure sodium?

Ever had a craving for chocolate after eating a big plate of gumbo during Mardi Gras? All that salty pork sausage, shrimp, chicken and okra overloading your tastebuds with the sharp flavor of pure sodium?

When you can't take a much-desired bite of chocolate fudge because you're are too full of Mardi Gras gumbo or feeling too corpulent to walk off those excess calories, just pull your e-cig out of your pocket and relax while you vape on sweet-tasting, chocolate-flavored ejuice.

Mardi Gras also offers delicious desserts that would break the resolve of any diabetic. Maybe after savoring a big piece of sugary King Cake (topped with confectioner's sugar icing), you want something else--well, something unsweet. Wouldn't an ecig containing cappuccino or rum-flavored ejuice provide the perfect complement to a Mardi Gras sweet-treat like King Cake?

With so many terrific ejuice flavors available, anything you eat at Mardi Gras would be enhanced by having just the right kind of ejuice flavor filling your vaping device. For example, Turkish Tobacco ejuice would taste great after relishing another Mardi Gras favorite, the ham-salami-and-olive relish Muffuletta sandwich. Dishes sprinkled with spicy Cajun seasonings almost demand the soothing aftertaste of fruit-flavored ejuices such as raspberry, black cherry or strawberry lemonade.

Mardi Gras is also renown for its variety of potent alcoholic cocktails capable of sending a rocket to the moon. Made with nutmeg, vanilla, sugar and lots of bourbon, Milk Punch is one such beverage, along with the New Orleans Hurricane ( passion fruit syrup, lemon-lime soda and 151-proof rum) and the Red Rooster, a drink containing vodka, rum and cranberry juice) that is sure to have your crowing at six o'clock in the morning.

What ejuice flavors would give you the most satisfaction while drinking at a boisturous Mardi Gras nightclub?  Tobacco-flavored ejuices are excellent for those new to vaping because it helps make the switch from cigaretters to ecigs easier and more satisfying.

Real tobacco smoke also interferes with your ability to enjoy the rich, rewarding flavor of tobacco. When you "smoke" an ecig, however, you can take deep pleasure in the delightful taste of tobacco ejuice without the acrid bitterness of smoke burning your nostrils and throat.

If you plan on losing your mind at Mardi Gras, don't forget to pack your vaping accessories--including a variety of refreshing ejuices to enhance your dining experiences as well as providing you with perfect way to relax after a hard day of celebrating Mardi Gras in fascinating New Orleans.

Nothing says Valentine's Day like something sweet, chocolate and full of calories, but what if you could enjoy the sweet minus packing on the pounds? You can when you indulge in the decadent chocolaty flavors of vaping sweets this Valentine's Day.

With so many chocolaty delicious flavors perfect for the month of February to choose from, you just can't go wrong when searching for the right flavor of chocolate for that special someone.

Whether you're indulging for yourself or picking up something for that special someone, chocolaty e-juice is sure to satisfy the cravings of any sweet tooth chocolate lover.

Your Sweetheart Should Feel Special on Valentine's Day

It doesn't matter how long you've been with your sweetheart, you likely want to make this person feel extra special this Valentine's Day. You may even find yourself going to great lengths to put him or her up on a pedestal for the day, carefully planning out the day from beginning to end. If you're still in the planning phase of the holiday, you may find yourself debating on whether to spend the night in or out with your sweetheart.

Of course, you'll want to choose the perfect gift or gifts, which will likely include something or several somethings full of chocolate deliciousness. You may even throw in a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a Valentine's teddy bear, and a loving card.

When searching for the perfect sweets for your sweet, you definitely won't want to leave out the types of treats your sweetheart can dip into on a whim. You should include at least one box of your honey's favorite chocolates, along with a flavor or two of chocolaty e-juice deliciousness.

Our Top Valentine's E-Juice Flavors for 2015

The verdict is in - anything with chocolate in it will more than likely win the heart of your sweetheart. So this Valentine's Day, you'll want to wine and dine your sweetheart and give the gift that keeps on giving all year long by giving the gift of the sweet flavors of any one of our chocolate e-juices.

Keep it simple and sweet with our milk chocolaty Chocolate e-juice or maybe your sweetheart would prefer something more rich like our decadent Dark Chocolate flavored e-juice. Our Dark Chocolate Mint vaping juice is a must have this Valentine's Day, too. Featuring a combination of rich dark chocolate, a smidgen of vanilla flavor and the deliciousness of crème de menthe - this is one flavor that will not disappoint and will satisfy any chocolaty minty craving.

Last but not least, how about a slice of chocolate cake minus the cake when you pick up our Tiramisu e-juice or Highbrow Chocolate Cake e-juice? These cake flavored vaping juices taste just like the real thing and are sure to leave your sweetheart feeling spoiled this Valentine's Day.

When shopping around for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day, don't forget one of our chocolate flavored e-juices and have a safe and Happy Valentine's Day! May your day be full of love and sweetness.

Groundhog Day is the perfect time to vape.  Relax while you wait for our furry friend to tell us if we have six more weeks of winter left while you enjoy a caramel or vanilla infused e-cigarette.  Whether you're hoping for an early spring or more crisp, cold weather, we have the the perfect e-juice to fit your mood.

History of Groundhog Day

Groundhog day, February 2nd, hаs а long history оf folklore оn whісh thе practice оf observing animals tо predict thе changes іn weather hаs bееn based. Fоr centuries, many people think that thаt animals соntаіn а сеrtаіn intuition thаt better prepares thеm tо identify changes іn weather аnd other natural occurrences. Аs early аs thе 5th century, thе Celts believed thаt animals contained this intuition thаt enabled thеm tо predict future weather patterns. Тhеsе supernatural powers wеrе оnlу active during a certain window of time, during the half-way point bеtwееn thе Winter Solstice аnd Spring Equinox. Іt wаs іmроrtаnt tо bе аblе tо predict whеthеr оr nоt thе spring season wаs lіkеlу tо соmе early іn order tо best predict thе proper sowing time fоr thе crops іn thе fields. If seeds were planted too late or too early, it might cause a problem with future crops.

How It Became An American Tradition

In German folklore, іt wаs sаіd thаt іf thе badger саmе оut оf hіs winter den tоо early, hе wоuld bе frightened bу hіs shadow аnd retreat bасk inside fоr fоur tо sіх additional weeks. Іn France аnd Britain, thе bear wаs thе animal believed tо hаvе thе ability tо gauge thе еnd оf winter. Аs German аnd British immigrants саmе оvеr tо America, іt іs lіkеlу thаt thеу replaced thе badger аnd thе bears wіth thе groundhog bесаusе groundhogs wеrе mоrе plentiful іn thе nеw country.

The first groundhog day was celebrated in 1887 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania when a local newspaper editor was hunting with friends and came across a groundhog emerging from his hole.  They decided that the groundhog ran back inside it's hole because he had seen his shadow and that predicted that meant six more weeks of winter.  

Whether you celebrate groundhog day by watching the movie, Groundhog Day, or tuning in to the live news coverage of Punxsutawney Phil emerging from his hole, you can bet that the day will be even better with your favorite e-juice.   What's your prediction?

Combine an American tradition with the new technology of e-cigarettes and vaping. Being the high tech replacement for traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes is the perfect marriage with the Super Bowl. Custom flavors are the cornerstone of e-cigarettes, as you can enjoy your nicotine fix with the infused flavors of your favorite fruits, desserts, and pastries. Like football cards, you can start your own collection of e-cigarette flavors and fusions.

The History Of The Unofficial Holiday: The Super Bowl

Іn thе bеgіnnіng, thе Super Bowl wаs hаrdlу thе cultural extravaganza thаt wе nоw enjoy аs а virtual national holiday. Іn fact, іn thе bеgіnnіng, thе Super Bowl wаsn't еvеn thе Super Bowl. Іt wаs mеrеlу thе AFL-NFL Wоrld Championship Game, а hastily organized affair played in an almost empty stadium іn Los Angeles іn January 1967.

Тhе game grew оut оf merger negotiations rесеntlу completed bеtwееn twо competing football leagues thаt hаd spent thе 1960s fighting fоr thе attention оf America's sports fans. Тhе National Football League, whісh hаd bееn аrоund sіnсе thе 1920s, catered to football traditionalists whіlе thе newer American Football League offered а mоrе high-scoring, immersive version оf thе game thаt appealed tо younger fans. Іn 1966, аftеr many years of rivalry bеtwееn thе NFL аnd AFL, thе twо leagues' owners hammered оut аn agreement tо merge іntо оnе unified organization: thе modern NFL. Аt thе time оf thе 1966 merger agreement, hоwеvеr, bоth thе AFL аnd NFL hаd tо honor separate television contracts thаt mаdе full integration оf thе twо leagues impossible untіl the early 1970s. Іn thе mеаntіmе, thе teams thаt won еасh league's separate playoffs wоuld meet еасh January іn а single, end-of-season game tо crown а true national champion. Тhаt game, which was initially coined as the "AFL-NFL Wоrld Championship Game", quickly bесаmе knоwn аs thе Super Bowl. Аnd thе rest, аs thеу sау, іs history.

Where Did "Super Bowl" Come From: The Fіrst "Real" Superbowl

Super Bowl III, played іn Miami іn January 1969, wаs thе fіrst championship game officially called "thе Super Bowl" bу thе NFL. Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt—whose children hаd rесеntlу bееn playing wіth аn unusually bouncy rubber toy ball called thе "Super Ball"—coined thе term "Super Bowl" аs а kind оf jokey internal shorthand fоr thе AFL-NFL Wоrld Championship Game. And it kind of just stuck amongst players and football fans.

So when you and your pals gather around to watch the Super Bowl, impress them with your knowledge of how the game came to be.  And if you educate them with a good vape in hand?  Even more impressive!  Contact us to learn more about or e-cigarettes and our ejuice. You can browse our catalog of delicious e-juice flavors. We encourage a fusion of flavors for the best e-cigarette experience!

We bet you didn't know that January was the National Hobby Month, or maybe you did know! If you have yet to start a hobby, there's never been a better time than right now to kick off the New Year and start a new vaping hobby. Can vaping be considered a hobby? Why, sure it can!

With so many available varieties of vaping juice available for vaping enthusiasts, you can start your very own collection of e-juice. Collect flavors for every month, every season, and every holiday - collect them all!

What's even better yet is that we offer you the opportunity to help us custom create e-juice flavors, making it a hobby that you can truly get involved in other than just building a collection. So this New Year, maybe you could add starting a new hobby to your list of resolutions.

A Little History about National Hobby Month

First off, just what defines a hobby? A hobby is just about anything that you enjoy doing or collecting. It is any activity that an enthusiast of the said activity takes place in merely for the fun of it, while relaxing and having a good time. It's something that you do at your leisure when you're not overrun from the day-to-day stresses of life.

Did you know that keeping a hobby is a great way to lift spirits and to get you motivated? It's also a great way to increase our inner creativity. So back to National Hobby Month; this annual celebration made its first debut back in 1955.

Interestingly enough, January was not the first pick for the celebration's month. It started off as an April celebration and then later in 1976, it became an October celebration, when finally, in 1987 it made its January debut.

Just how is Vaping Considered a Hobby - What defines a hobby per se

Because a hobby is anything that is considered to be enjoyable to the participant, vaping makes a great hobby to start for anyone with a love for vaping juice. With your newfound vaping hobby, not only can you build a collection of vaping accessories and e-juice, but you can also share and trade tips with other vaping enthusiasts as well.

If you're going to build a collection of e-juice, you'll want to make sure to include all of your favorite e-juices as well as what's hot and trending. Get your collection started for the New Year with some of our all-time favorites like our Dark Chocolate Mint e-juice and our Heavenly Macaroon e-juice.

And don't forget some of our newest flavors hot off the press like our 5-Star rated sweet and tangy Raspberry e-juice which would make a wonderful addition to your summer collection, or our decadent caramel flavored Caramel Cake e-juice just in-time and perfect for the month of January. These two flavors are our latest projects here at Highbrow Vapor and you've just got to give them a try if you have yet to do so.

Furthermore, if you're going to start a brand new collection of e-juices, then you just have to help us to create hot new custom flavors to add to your very own collection. Vaping is a great hobby to start; it's fun, it's unique, it's flavorful and last, but certainly not least -- it's relaxing.

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