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It seems like electronic cigarettes get their fair share of bad buzz. Maybe that's because the woes and worries associated with standard, smokable cigarettes are well-worn. Just about everyone knows that smoking is associated with lung disease, heart disease, circulatory problems, and of course the big C: cancer. In fact, warning labels on cigarette packaging are the norm, not only in the US, but world-wide. Some countries put pictures of cancer-ridden organs right on your pack of smokes.
But news articles about the potential dangers of smoking seem to be dwindling, while the fire heats up under the debate over potential problems with vaping. It makes sense, since e cigs are the new kid in town, the rising star (if you will).
So it's awesome to see some positive publicity for a cause near and dear to Highbrow Vapor's heart. Recently, at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, the stars aligned to puff puff publicly on their favorite smoke-free nicotine devices. Though California has a ban against smoking in public spaces that dates back two decades, Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis Dreyfus were well within the laws as they vaped away inside the Los Angeles Beverly Hilton. Only the tell-tale glow of their e cig atomizers giving them away as e liquid lovers. 
DiCaprio is a defacto ambassador for e cigs, having frequently appeared in public and on movie sets puffing away and exhaling steam. But it's not only celebrities who help to get the word out. You, too,  can be an ambassador, an e cig star, showing the world how wonderful HighbrowVapor.com's glamorous selection of full-flavored, handcrafted e liquids can be. We don't need celebrity endorsement, because our customers are the real stars of our lives; it is with you in mind that we create the finest e liquids with premium, top-quality ingredients.
Some spectacularly star-worthy selections that we suggest to start with include:
Amaretto Amore: a bittersweet, complex flavor worthy of its fine liqueur namesake. With a delicate blend of apricot and almond notes, infused with a subtle touch of burnt sugar, this e liquid is a classy and classic choice.
Dark Chocolate Mint: this luxurious blend of dark, rich chocolate with sweetly refreshing creme de menthe comes together with just a touch of vanilla bean. Its a subtle mint hit and a deep, dark semi-sweet chocolate, but you can dial up (or down) on either to suit you diva-like desires.
Highbrowbacco Cigar: nothing says celebrity like a cigar between your lips. This strong yet smooth e liquid blends cocoa, pepper and earthy spices to create a complex flavor that even the most discriminating aficionado can recognize as fine cigar flavor.
So get that celebrity glow, right at your fingertips, and feel like a star with HighbrowVapor.com.
Many see e cigarettes as a growing movement, a disruptive technology and the new wave of nicotine. Others argue that they're merely a flash-in-the-pan fad, bound to lose popularity sooner or later. Still others remain unmoved, not siding one way or the other as they wait for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to formerly announce official regulations.
Those in the third camp see electronic cigarettes' spike in popularity as being largely or partly due to their lack of federal oversight. Certain states, like Utah and New Jersey, and even cities like Boston and New York have taken initiative and put into place their own laws and restrictions on e-cig use, especially in public places.
But the highly anticipated and soon-to-arrive FDA rules and regulations will have a big impact, one way or another. Experts worry that if the laws are too strict, they'll crush small e cig and e liquid companies (like Highbrow Vapor!), leaving plenty of room for Big Tobacco to dominate smoking cigarettes AND vapor e cigarettes. Plenty of name brand cigarette companies have already thrown their hats into the electronic/vaping ring and would very much love to have a slice of each pie.
On the other hand, if the restrictions are too lax, then quality standards may fall by the wayside, leading to poor and hasty manufacturing and harmful e cig devices or improperly mixed nicotine e liquids.
Furthermore, scientists argue that electronic cigarettes can only be truly effective in reducing the death toll from smoking with rules applying to traditional cigarettes, for example: making ordinary cigarettes more expensive, or reducing the amount of nicotine allowed in smoking cigarettes.
Here at HighbrowVapor.com, we could not be more pleased to tell you that we offer the antidote to all the aforementioned issues. With our premium, US-made e liquids, you can already choose the amount of nicotine that best suits your tastes (0, 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 milligrams), and our unbeatable prices mean that you'll definitely be saving money. With traditional cigarettes, you have to buy a new pack daily or weekly, but with Highbrow Vapor e liquid you can refill your same vaporizer over and over again for a fraction of the price.
And you'll never have to worry about shoddy craftsmanship, no matter what the FDA decides is acceptable. At Highbrow, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, using only 100% USP kosher food grade PG/VG and 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine in our premium e liquids.
Best of all, we are--and always will be--a small, family owned and operated business. No Big Tobacco influences here. We're not in this for money or political power, but because we're passionate about creating outstanding e liquid flavors at an affordable price. So let the FDA and Big Tobacco battle it out for legality and profit. No matter what,HighbrowVapor.com will always be the best place for premium, mouthwatering, high quality e liquids. 
When you make the choice to switch from smoking cigarettes to savoring premium, US-made Highbrow Vapor E Liquid, you're upgrading in more ways than one. Making the shift to E Cigs means trading stinky, stale smoke for delicious, all natural flavor. It means saying goodbye to known carcinogens and toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke in favor of 99.9% pure pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. It means expanded opportunities to enjoy your e cig where smoking is banned (at home, at the office, at the bar with friends), without worry about harmful secondhand smoke. In this way, the choice to change impacts everyone around you.
Possibly the biggest impact, however, starts from the smallest source: cigarette butts. These innocuous little devils account for up to 50% of all litter in the US annually, according to statisticbrain.com and other sources. Cigarettes are the single most littered item, making up a huge chunk of an already sizable environmental problem, one which the US spends over 11 billion dollars per year trying to clean up. In a study reported by preventcigarettelitter.org, smokers were found to toss, on average, 5 or more butts per pack. 
Sure, they may seem small, but those little littered butts add up quickly, and they don't stay put outside the entrances to buildings or along highways where they get tossed. Litter is mobile, propelled by wind and water, and quickly finds its way to storm storm drains and eventually to rivers, lakes, and the sea. 32% of litter found clogging storm drains is comprised of cigarette butts. Worse still, not only is this trash mobile, its pretty permanent. Cigarette butts don't just disappear, due to the fact that about 95% of filters are made of cellulose acetate, a plastic that does not quickly biodegrade. Cigar tips are mostly made of plastic, as well.
But the scariest thing of all is that this trashy trend shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. Preventcigarettelitter.org found that one of the top predictors of littering was lack of proper receptacles--without an ashtray or trashcan nearby, most folks opt to litter, with the average person willing to walk no more than 12 paces holding trash (statisticbrain.com). With smoking legislation becoming ever more restrictive, the ashtrays that used to be mainstays in living rooms, restaurants and bars are now all but gone, and most car companies have phased out ash trays as a standard feature.
Make no butts about it, it's a serious issue. The good news is, you DO have a choice. You can choose delicious, top-quality, pure, family owned HighBrow Vapor, instead of choosing smoke, chemicals, and litter. Vaping with Highbrow's E Liquids and E Juices is more sustainable and a lot more fun. 
Now, this is truly breaking news in the world of nicotine enjoyment, as it will cause many people to break their habits and rethink their nicotine fix: CVS Pharmacy has announced that it will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by next October. Though this will cost the drugstore giant an estimated $2 billion, its a drop in the bucket for a company that rakes in around $123 billion annually, and well worth it to clear increasingly incongruent practices. 
Though, like most pharmacies, CVS sells everything from nail polish to candy to pantyhose, they are first and foremost a pharmacy, employing over 26,000 medical professionals nationwide who help patients manage chronic problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease, "all of which are linked to smoking," chief executive Larry J. Merlo reminds us. This was a discrepancy that CVS could no longer live with. "Cigarettes and providing health care just don't go together in the same setting," said Merlo.
Interestingly, though CVS does not currently sell electronic cigarettes, they have not precipitously included them in their anti-tobacco efforts. Officials said that the drugstore chain is "waiting for guidance on the devices from the Food and Drug Administration," according to a recent article publish by the New York Times. 
Of course, you can still buy smokes from major retailers like Walmart or convenience stores and gas stations, but its already being forecasted that antismoking groups and many health care professionals will follow CVS's lead and pressure stores to stop selling cigarettes. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is quoted in the NYT article as saying that this decision is "an unprecedented step in the retail industry," one which she believes will have "considerable impact."
So what to do, while the availability of smoking tobacco (not to mention the availability of places to smoke it) continues to dwindle, but the FDA is dragging its feet hashing out Electronic Cigarette legislations? Forego the big block stores altogether, and choose a small, family-owned business: Highbrow Vapor
Always available, affordable and convenient, HighbrowVapor.com offers the absolute finest in all-natural, US-made E Juices, with adjustable nicotine levels and personalized flavoring options. One flavor we highly recommend is our Highbrow Exotic Blend, a true-tobacco flavor that's smoke-free and pharmaceutical-grade pure. This exquisite blend is light and smooth, medium bodied with a fine toasted flavor and fabulous throat hit, smooth even at low nicotine concentrations. Perfect on its own, or feel free to customize it by combining the fruit flavor of your choice. 
Don't wait around while corporations and legislations decide when, where and how you'll enjoy nicotine refreshment. Take matters into your own hands, and vape it like you want it, with HighbrowVapor.com
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Three's a Crowd

Feb 20 2014

The dangers of smoking are well-documented and well-known: you can expect lung disease, heart disease, and cancer to crop up again and again where there's discussion of smoking's harmful effects. There are also more subtle health hindrances, like decreased circulation in hands and feet (which can be painful and in extreme cases lead to gangrene and amputation), and digestive issues including ulcers, gum disease, and inflammation of the intestines. Yuck! And: yowch!
There are milder side effects, of course, like stained fingers and teeth, smelly breath and stale smoky clothes and car. These annoying extras affect not only the smoker, but anyone who shares in their life, which of course brings us to the issue of secondhand smoke, which is becoming just as well-studied as smoking itself. It's no joke--secondhand smoke is classified as a "cancer-causing agent" by three separate organizations, including the EPA. Of the more than 7,000 chemical compounds found in tobacco smoke, greater than 250 are harmful, and at least 69 are known to cause cancer. When you smoke around family, friends, or coworkers, you're exposing them to same, toxin-laden smoke that you yourself breathe.
According to cancer.org, secondhand smoke is responsible each year in the US for about 46,000 deaths from heart-disease, 3,400 lung cancer deaths and upwards of 150,000 lower respiratory tract infections in children under 18 months of age, including more than 7,500 hospitalizations. That's a lot of damage!
So skip the smoke. Simple as that. You can still enjoy nicotine, responsibly and smoke-free, with premium grade E Liquids from HighbrowVapor.com. What's more, our fine E Juices offer myriad mouth-watering flavors, right at your fingertips, literally!
Do yourself, and everyone around you, a favor and switch to vaping. It's never been easier or more delicious than with HighbrowVapor.com.
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Sweet Nothings

Feb 10 2014

second hand smokeWe've often reminded you of the dangerous drawbacks that come attached to smoking cigarettes, and they're no joke. According to Wikipedia, tobacco is the top cause of preventable death worldwide, most commonly via diseases of the heart, liver and lungs. Smoking is a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. And it's deadly demise extends to non-smokers, with second-hand smoke bearing responsibility for problems as serious as heart disease and cancer, and as ubiquitous as asthma.
Of course, you probably know a lot of this already, thanks in large part to anti-smoking advertisements and legislation. As a small, family-owned company, HighbrowVapor.com doesn't mind the attacks on Big Tobacco one bit. Now, there's a new threat on the horizon, with big business behind it as much as ever. We're talking Big Sugar.
In Fed Up, a new film that recently premiered at Sundance, the similarities between the tobacco industry and sugary foods manufacturers are made clear. Directed by Stephanie Soechtig and voiced by Katie Couric, Fed Up addresses some startling statistics, like the fact that incidences of childhood type-2 diabetes have risen from zero (yes, zero) in 1980 to 57,636 in 2010. This is a disease that was formly known as "Adult-Onset Diabetes," and now there are children having heart attacks and strokes.
The film points to a big shift in food culture in the 1980s and 90s, where fat-free became the all-important marker of health. Food manufacturers silently upped the sugar in packaged foods, while cutting the fat. In the past 35 years, sugar consumption has doubled, and its damage is more far-reaching than you might think; even visibly thin people can still be unhealthy, with up to 40% of skinny people carrying around enough fat padding their internal organs to qualify as clinically obese, according to Soechtig.
It's a lot to be worried about, especially when sugar tastes so darned good! In fact, studies in lab rats have shown that they'll choose sugar water over cocaine! That's what we call addiction. So what can you do about it? You can cut out smoking AND sugar, in one fell swoop, with delicious, mouth-wateringly sweet E Juice and E Liquid flavors fromHighbrowVapor.com. Smoke and sugar free, with adjustable levels of nicotine, include zero milligrams, for those of you that want a sweet treat without the nicotine buzz.
Some of our favorite dessert-inspired creations include:
Creme Brulee: a delicious vanilla custard with creamy mouthfeel and bold vanilla undertones. Hints of caramel throughout, and not a cavity to be found!
Heavenly Macaroon: a decadent combination of creamy coconut, rich chocolate, and toasty almond. When you're in the mood for something really sweet, try this and skip the calories.
Fight Big Tobacco and Big Sugar in one fell swoop, while having your Caramel Cake E Liquid, and vaping it, too. Sticking it to corparate interests never tasted so sweet. 
A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article challenged NJoy (the second largest E Cig brand)'s new ad campaign for possibly making false or misleading health claims. The commercial's tagline--"Friends don't let friends smoke"--can be seen as implying that E Cigs are safer than regular cigarettes. Now, while we are positive that E Cigs smell better, produce less waste and are vapable in places where smoking cigarettes have been banned, we'll stay out of the health-claims battle. The jury is still out on that one, and for Highbrow Vapor, crafting and selling one-of-a-kind E Liquids and E Juices is about more than just health; it's about all-around quality. 
Rather than offer up unsubstantiated health claims, we thought we'd give you guarantees that you can count on. We most whole-heartedly maintain that:
Quality Control is a Top Priority. Only the highest quality ingredients will grace Highbrow Vapor brand eliquids and e juices, because we KNOW you can taste the difference. Not only are all of our premium products produced locally and personally, they're also made using only 100% USP kosher food grade PG/VG and 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Our flavors are created using aseptic technique by professionals and meet all FDA standards. Furthermore, we've made comprehensive ingredient lists for each and every product available on our website,                                  so you know exactly what you're vaping.
Our Hand-Crafted Flavors are True to Nature. We strive to capture flavors found in nature, creating many of our extracts and essences from scratch, for a truly unique vaping experience. We want you to taste real fruit, tobacco, coffee or spice flavor, not artificial imitations, or chemically-sweet fake flavors that mimic the real thing. We know that the best E liquid and E juices come from the best ingredients.
Every Highbrow E Liquid or E Juice is Made to Order. No two people are alike, so why should and two vapors--or vaping liquids--be the same? That's why we offer many ways to customize your order. At checkout you can choose double flavor, alter your PG/VG mix ratio, add extra throat hit, request additional flavors, or anything else your heart desires, absolutely free of charge. This is because, unlike big corporate ecig companies (like NJoy), we don't make your E Juice until you order it. So you get custom, American made E Liquid, every time, at a reasonable price.
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